Saturday, January 2, 2010


This New Years day also brought with it a new niece and nephew for ABB! Indeed. On a blue moon, a full moon, and January 1st to boot.

For the medical peeps: my sister in law is a 40 y.o G2P3, had uncomplicated SVD at 38 wks, male child 6lbs 5oz and female child 5lbs 11oz.

For all the rest: Maxiums Alexander and Ella Jane and my S.I.L Karla are all happy and healthy.

This makes 7 nieces and nephews in total for me now, and certainly the last for all my sibs.

I am so pleased that everything went well...when you are a medical person you can't help but have every complication swirling in your head the entire time someone in your family is pregnant.

I had a moment of pout face yesterday at the thought that I missed their arrival on the planet (and that I wasn't there to give the nurses and docs a hard time hand). One of the frustrating things about living in lands far away from home. Sigh.

No pics of the babes other news (i.e my boring life) I bought a mohair/wool blanket today to get me through the cold damp winter months which remain here on the Emerald Isle. She's a real beaut.

Is it a bad sign when you get that excited about a wool/mohair blend??


OMDG said...

Wow! Congratulations!

And at 40. Good for her for saying f-u biological clock. You made my day, dear.

Maha said...

Congrats to you and your family! :)

As far as getting excited over a wool blanket - well it beats getting excited over a new cleaning product!

Albinoblackbear said...

OMD- Thanks! Yes, my mother always points out the twins and Karla's age whenever I stress about getting old and finishing school as a geriatric.
Glad I made your day.

Maha--Thanks! Ooooh, new cleaning products...yes...I have actually gotten excited about those things as well...or new fabric softeners! Being a nurse made me OCD. And into clean surfaces. What can I say?? :)

Nature Nerd said...

Congrats to your S.I.L and family!! And I got a new blanket and hot water bottle for x-mas to deal with the cold damp over here and I LOVE them. Especially since we are still buried in snow over here. So much for cycling through this winter. I think I'll go to Belize.

rlbates said...

Congrats to your family! Happy New Year!

Dragonfly said...

Being warm is important. Ditto what OMDG said about the babies as well. I tell people who get concerned about my babymaking (lack of) that I will go and adopt a baby from China when I am 38. Then I get a lecture about how hard single motherhood is from the same people who are oblivious to hints that I might not want to discuss my uterus with them.

Also, just saw a comment you left over at Doc Grumpy's site....I am still waiting for the camera crew from Today Tonight (notorious Australian tabloid news show) to be waiting outside my house or place of work. Someone told me once that they called them on me (there were delusions involved in their reasons for calling them as well) and several doctors they didn't like...Gah.

Keet said...

Twins!!! Woo Hoo!!!
So great.
She will have a blast.

As for the mohair blend, where did you get it?! I am desperate for some luxurious comfort in my life, since I don't have a feather bed anymore. *pout.

Albinoblackbear said...

NN--Thanks! Hot water bottle is also on my list. Does this mean we are getting old?? I feel like I've been cold for 2 weeks straight. I never had that feeling even up north in -55 for weeks on end. The cold is strange here. And yeah, I hear there is nothing better than a trip to Belize to fend of foiled cycling plans.

RL--Thank you! Happy New Year to you as well.

DF--I think peoples 'social graces' filter completely shuts down when the subjects of childbearing and motherhood come up. A good friend of mine who is struggling to conceive has the most asinine (borderline malicious) things said to her on a regular basis about her childless status.

In terms of the radio show (in my case) and the Today Tonight show (in yours) I guess we can safely argue there is such thing as bad publicity. The real kicker about those situations is that no matter how many wonderful interactions you have with patients the few horrible ones are those that end up on 'replay' in your mind for weeks after. It is such a strange human rumination habit.

Keet--John Hanly and Co. Ltd. is the company, the website is It's all made in Ireland and is really nice stuff.

Dude, I live in a DORM with PLASTIC FURNITURE, no INCOME and a room that I can't open the curtains in because my bedroom is on the GROUND floor facing the ENTRANCE TO THE BUILDING. You are so not allowed to pout in my direction about luxury!! hahaahahah

Doctor D said...

Yeah it's hard for us medical types to realize but most pregnancies go really well. Medical school forgets to mention that women have been having babies successfully since long before doctors.

Congratulations on your new niece and nephew!

Dragonfly said...

What Doc D said - it is SO easy to lose perspective. Hope you are enjoying that blanket....

Albinoblackbear said...

DD--Thanks! Yes, that is part of the reason why I could never do OBS, I hate the western medicines view of birth. I actually wanted to be a midwife for a while but in Canada it is not such an easy go as (for the most part) they can not have hospital privileges and it is getting tougher and tougher to practice in some provinces.

DF--I am indeed very pleased with the blankets performance--took it for a test drive last night while watching "A Mighty Wind". Result= ++warmth to toes.

On the downside, it is shedding and I noticed on my walk to the gym this morning--if you looked at my sweat pants you'd think I had a strangely furred cat with a skin disorder. Not so good.