In the hopes of someday having a hair and make-up artist I've started this page to provide links to some places that I turn up in the world, aside from the glow of Asystole.

A Face for Radio

I was lucky enough to be featured a few times on one of my favorite national CBC radio shows, White Coat, Black Art, which is hosted by Dr. Brian Goldman. Dr. Goldman is one of my physician heroes because when he's not writing books he's hosting radio shows or saving lives in downtown Toronto. Hero.

You can listen to the shows either by downloading the podcasts or by streaming them off the website.

On the episode called, Inspiration, I tell the story of how my grandfather gave me a nudge of encouragement almost 25 years after his death.

My first appearance on White Coat was on the topic of 'nurse speak', based on a post that I wrote as a tongue-in-cheek guide to new interns for decoding what it means when a nurse says things like, "Are you sure you want to do that...?"

Now that Dr. Goldman and I are BFF's (my designation, not his...) I hope to add future shows to this list. In the meantime, have a listen and write to the show about how much you enjoyed my perspective. Heh.

The Interwebs

Also, the web machine that is KevinMD has kindly granted me the platform to showcase some of my posts from Asystole. If you'd like to check those out, you can find me here, under Albinoblackbear. Turns out, some people got a little hissy over my advice to new interns. Whoops.

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