Thursday, January 28, 2010

Memory Stick Only Useful When You Remember Where you Put It

I lost my memory stick which contained ALL of my notes, powerpoints, anatomy slides, and review sheets from last semester.

This distresses me greatly.

For some reason I have also lost my studying mojo. Which is weird because I *love* cardiac and our last two cases have been CVS related ones! I don't know why but I just cannot concentrate these past few days.

Also, last week we had a presentation from CARMS which is the residency placement organization for Canada. Basically as international medical graduates (IMG's) we are hooped for residencies, especially if we want to go to BC, AB, or QC. Oh right, the three provinces I actually wanted to do my residency in. FML.

More on that whole soul crushing presentation later.

Word of advice to those Canadians who REALLY want to go to medical school but are tired to trying to get in in Canada. KEEP TRYING. Turns out being an IMG=leper in Canadian system.

Off to start my USMLE prep.

P.S Hey Canada (especially you BC, QC, and AB) maybe you should stop complaining about the MD shortage now because clearly if you were THAT desperate for doctors you wouldn't make Irish medical graduates work at Starbucks for a year between completing medical school and starting residencies. Thanks.


Fordo said...

Wow. I'm sorry. That sucks. Hopefully you can at least work as a nurse, and not at Starbucks!

Of course, you already have contacts in the Canadian system, so maybe you'll have a teensy, weesy in?

Are you allowed to do some work in the Canadian back country during the summer?

Doctor D said...

That Sucks! I think a "doctor shortage" while turning down perfectly good medical school applicants is a scheme to make more $$$.

Hey if you are interested in Primary Care you can pretty much get into any Family Med residency in the US you want as an FMG. Our med schools are also keeping supply low, and all our med school grads want to go into the big money fields.

PS: Send those palm fronds, scantily clad women, figs, and fine wine my way and I'll definitely get you a US residency hook up!

Bostonian in NY said...

You're always welcome to try that that awful American Residency system least we share a non-watery border with Canada!

gq said...

Just to let you know.

I've met several residents who were IMG's who matched in AB and BC 2nd round. It may not be the norm but it can happen. Keep the faith.

オテモヤン said...
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Albinoblackbear said...

Fordo--It's true I could work as a nurse...however I think I would find it just a little frustrating to do so after 4 years of medical school (I can't imagine how horrible it must be for the IMG's who immigrate to Canada and have to work at a car wash for 5 years before getting to work as an MD--if at all).

Yes I do have contacts in the Canadian system, however my work as a nurse has pretty much exclusively taken me to the most far flung areas in BC, NWT, and NU.

Unfortunately I rarely work with MD's who are involved in the medical school/residency system. That said however, I DO know people who know people who might know people who might be able to help me out! :)

And yes, I am heading back to BC this summer to work so I will be attempting to rattle some cages in the medical department.

DD--The US has always been my plan B. During my Himalayan trip last year I worked with a handful of AMAZING Americans--a couple that are now great friends. It'd be a huge treat to be in their neighborhoods.
In Canada we have a 2+1 residency where you do 2 years Fam Med plus one year Emerg (or a few other). Right now that is what I'd really like to do, unfortunately in the US you don't have that--HOWEVER you do have the 3 year Emergency Med programs--which are amazing...however it is not recognized as an ERP specialty in Canada. Kinda a bummer.

Anyway I am trying to be zen about the whole thing now that I've had my breakdown/vent online. :)

BINY--Yeah, I am already making a list of Top 10 Places I'd Like to Live in the USA. I think it'd be fun to do a US stint actually. Just not sure how it would work for Manfriend to come with as he's a violist and I doubt the US is dying to give work visas to orchestral musicians these days...

GG--Thanks! I's true, you're absolutely right.

P.S I like the Duffy hwy cam on Endless...though I have to say your blog always makes me sooooo homesick. The cams I most often haunted from Revy were the Rogers Pass and Coquilhalla Summit. God I get white knuckles just thinking about it!!!

Liana said...

When I was a resident in rural family medicine, the program in Grande Prairie had a number of IMGs (3/6) and it's been consistently like that every year since. It sounds like rural family med is probably where you're heading anyway so your chances are probably better than most.

(Although I agree that the basic match statistics... 900+ IMG applicants, with only 60 matches or so is daunting).

Cartoon Characters said...

I live in a community within the lower mainland and I have to drive ONE HOUR to see my MD...believe it or not...I DID try to get an MD in my community and can' one is accepting patients...being an RN I thought perhaps I might have an "in" but - no dice.

I used to work at a well known West end hospital - there were all kinds of residents from all over...

btw: I worked in San Francisco for 5 yrs... it's a fun place and artsy....try it -you might like it.. but please come back to Canada eventually....we DO need u!

Albinoblackbear said...

ANurse-Ohhhh I would *love* to live in SF! I have 3 friend who did their peds residency there and adored the city. Plus I knew lots of RN's like yourself who worked there in the past, and said the same thing.

If you're in the area of the lower Mainland that I am thinking of then I can definitely sympathize with your MD commute!! :) That is horrible. And it is horrible that nurses don't get some kind of help in securing a family MD, especially when you've spent years working for the system! I mean--flight attendants get free flights, barrista's at *Bucks get discounted coffee!!

I am hoping to get back into BC for my residency but am not going to get my hopes up. I really miss having the mountains and the ocean in my backyard.