Monday, January 15, 2018

Just Wow

I hesitated on hitting "publish" on my last post, but am so so glad I did.

There is an owl, somewhere nearby, hoo-hooing hoo-hooing hoo-hooing. The dogs are snoozing on their beds and a tiny silver sliver of light is starting to outline the ridge of the mountains. It's early morning and I am doing some school-work before work-work.

But what I was actually doing was reading through the comments on my last post and feeling so grateful that people still read this blog and still leave me such wonderful, uplifting, affirming, supportive comments. Strangers (mostly) who know me extremely well whom I don't know at all. Some who have been on this journey with me since 2008 - my word - almost 10 years. It's a strange and beautiful conversation.

Thank you.

Hooo-hooo. Hoo-hoo. Hoo.