Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to No-Life, Back to Reality

Tomorrow classes start again. Which is probably a good thing because I am spending waaaaaaay too much time in the highly entertaining blogosphere. I heart all you medbloggers.

Things will be busy, what with the resolutions and all.

Manfriend and I have decided that today will be a day of 'deep relaxation'. After pilates* we are donning  'relaxing pants' (a.k.a sweat pants).  Getting new mohair blanket out.

There will be tea drinking, book reading, movie watching. The last day of true indulgence.

Does it mean you are old when the above activities are considered 'true indulgence'???

--ABB suddenly flashes back to her reckless youth and shakes her head.--

Well my life expectancy got a little longer when I changed that definition I suppose.

*Update post pilates: the instructor actually taught the class to the entire Dirty Dancing soundtrack. It just doesn't seem right to be doing boat pose to "She's Like the Wind". I was giggling a lot. Couldn't help myself! And squats to "Yes!" I had to hold back from throwing some arms in. You just can't tease a girl with partial dance moves to that kind of music. I have a hard enough time not going into the side-step when I am running.

"She leads me to moonlight, only to burn me with the sun..."


OMDG said...

Haha! My friend and I "rewrote" the words to "She's like the wind" where "wind" was actually "breaking wind." Probably appropos for pilates considering all the ab flexing you do. Well, it has been for me in the past anyway. Ahem.

Doctor D said...

Medbloggers heart you back!

I must admit that tea drinking, book reading, and movie watching don't sound like "true indulgence" --at least if you are under 50.

But hey, with the madness starting back tomorrow you probably don't want anything too exciting.

Good luck!

Liana said...

Sung by Patrick Swayze, no less...

Albinoblackbear said...

OMDG--I was partially giggling because a friend of mine thought it was "she's microwaved" when we were kids. Great. Now I'll have two things to block out of my mind when I am trying to concentrate on 'scooping and tucking'.

DD--Awww shucks. Good to hear! Oh and snap, yes I know I sound like a complete dork. What can I say?
Thanks for the luck nonetheless. :P

Liana--I watched the DD documentary on the 'making of' and he really was a dancer as well as singer before that movie (and dance he DID!)

Keet said...

Considering my knowledge of previous "indulgences" - i'd say we're both lucky that mohair blankets and hot tea are the 'indulgence du jour' (insert quacky quebecois accent ici). ;oP

I am just curled up with Nino Ricci's extremely depressing 'In a Glass House' , a cup of my *new* blackcurrant, ginseng, and vanilla bean tea, and trying to forget that the new psychiatric inpatient unit is opening up this week, but the treatment room has not yet been stocked with supplies. Systems. What we need are systems. Can anyone tell me why the N to the H to the S, being the largest provider of healthcare services in the world, cannot quite master the art of supply chain management? I know it's not particularly medical related, but healthcare workers, be it doctors, nurses, healthcare support workers, OT, PT, RD, etc, all must experience this chronic soul destroying lack of systematic approach to change. It is making me crazy, as someone who likes to order groceries online because it streamlines the process. It's predictable and therefor can be planned for , not unlike so many things we do each day in the hospital.
Anyway, that's my little rant about relaxing before starting another work day. I'm going to enjoy my tea and hope that my BP is getting back to low-normal.

Maha said...

Your classes are starting again tomorrow. My next set of shifts begin tomorrow. I've exhausted all my options for giving my away my shifts so I indulged today like no body's business. Now I can't sleep!

Hope your day of indulgence is everything and more.

Albinoblackbear said...

Keet--you just cited reason number 357 I quit ED nurse manager: having to care about the supply room being stocked while a multi-trauma pt rolls by my office and not being able to go out and play, partly because I am in a Banana Rebublic sweater set and partly because I am supposed to stay in my office. Gak.

Your new tea sounds delicious. Can I recommend Bengal Spice for your next day of relaxing? hee heeh Good luck with everything---write all the shit showiness of it down so you can regale me when you come out in Feb.

Maha--Hope this next set goes well for you! I hate it when I sleep waaaaayyyy in then can't fall asleep the night before having to get up at 0530h. Ughghg.

When you graduate as a nurse they should just have a little bin labeled "circadian rhythm" next to the guy that hands you your degree...

Rogue Medic said...


Do you need anything more than a few vats of medicine - haloperidol, lorazepam, and diphenhydramine?


Does it mean you are old when the above activities are considered 'true indulgence'???

Only if you can't remember what you used to call indulgences - and I am not referring to the St. Pete's reconstruction fund drive that had Martin Luther writing the 16th century version of blog posts.

WV - trove. Better, but Google still seems to be messing with my head. Why don't they go pick on China, or something?