Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Something A Little Lighter

As I mentioned, I'll be carrying over a few posts from my former blog...and I came across this one from last January. The time of year is right and I didn't want to do another downer post...just yet. Got plenty of those in the cabinet.


Normally I try and avoid yahoo "news" stories but I stumbled upon this random article today. I usually abhor the onslaught of  "Best Of"*, "End of the Year" lists and "Top Ten" type articles that surface in January...but I will admit...there were some real gems in this piece. It cracked everyone in my house up, so I figured it was 'blogworthy' (my own word for 2008).

My favorites on the list for "Word of the Year 2008" according to Macquarie Dictionary include:

(say 'brohmans) noun Colloquial a non-sexual but intense friendship between two males. [bro + (ro)mance1]

fanta pants**
(say 'fantuh pants) noun Originally British Colloquial a person whose hair is naturally red. [from the orange-coloured soft drink Fanta + pants, with reference to pubic hair as the indicator of hair colour]

(say 'flashpakuh) noun Colloquial a backpacker who travels in relative luxury. [flash(y) + (back)packer] --flashpacking, noun

fur child
say 'fer chuyld) noun Colloquial a pet animal, as a cat or dog, treated as one would a child.

Oh and John, you are not allowed to make any comments which may draw parallels to my travel style and any of the above definitions. :)

*Exceptions being the 'Old Favorites' on IDDX, as well as Maha and OMDG's 10 year review.
**Incidentally, here in Ireland they call red-heads "Gingers" or "Ginger-balls". It is not exactly a term of endearment either.


OMDG said...

I guess that makes Boo my fur child? I'm totally down with that.

Albinoblackbear said...

Hahahah, yes...actually I almost made a shout out to you in that regard! :p

Dragonfly said...

In Australia they are called rangas (short for orangutans). There is also a joke "National Apologise to a Ranga Day" :-)

Albinoblackbear said...

That is hilarious. They should have an "Apologise to a Ginger" day in Ireland. hahahah

Wow, I've had an Aussie sister in law for 18 years yet I am learning more about Aussie culture through blogville than I ever got from her!! :)