Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Every week we get a new patient case study in PBL. And we meet twice a week to receive new info about this patient. At the beginning of each session we start with a summary of the patients condition, test results, etc. A "report" if you will.

I usually do not volunteer to do this task because I have been giving report on patients in the ED for, oh, 6 years now. I am comfortable with it, I can handle giving report on 20 odd patients at a time. It really isn't a challenge to remember 1 patients presenting complaint, lab values, diagnostic results, care plan, etc. I figure the other folks in my group ought to have the chance to practice this VERY IMPORTANT skill.

Last week no one was volunteering and I couldn't bear the silence any longer so I said I'd do it. Bah. No biggie. This morning I thought--heck, I'll actually review the case and look at all the lab results and stuff so I can wow them with my ability to remember the minute details like how acidotic he was.

I rattled off the report, leaving no stone unturned. X-ray, labs, echo, vitals, medical history, family history, work history...how many pack years...his units of ETOH daily...everything. Pleased with myself, I finished.

My tutor added,

"And we also treated him didn't we? With some things like oxygen...some drugs? Care to mention those???"


Yeah. Yeah we did.

I'm an idiot.

I guess it was more a report on the status of my over-inflated ego.


OMDG said...

Aw! I'm sure you did great even though you think you didn't.

One thing I found really interesting as I moved from rotation student to sub-i: It's A LOT easier to remember the minutia when you're the one who's writing all the orders and you actually "own" the patient.

Qex said...

Even interns have had that problem... One girl, doing Peds, was starting on the peds heptatology service, after a few months away. While her presentation had all the intricate details as yours did, she forgot to mention the liver transplant part, which is kinda useful to know about, maybe.

Liana said...

It's hard. Some doctors don't even do this very well.

Hey, where was your banner photo taken?

Albinoblackbear said...

OMDG--Yeah, I'm sure it was fine BUT I was still irritated at myself considering I *pride* myself on being good at giving report most of the time, and actually don't find it tough. True about how pride commeth before the fall! hahah

Qex--Ouch. Ok THAT is a major facepalm as well. :)

Liana-Banner photo was taken in the Valhallas, my last weekend as a Revelstoke resident.

Funny how when I lived there my main goal was getting into medical school. Now that I am in medical school my main goal is getting back there to live.

Liana said...

Me and hubby both guessed it was the South Selkirks.

Revelstoke is aweseome. We considered moving there.

Bostonian in NY said...

HAHAHA...love it. Humility is a virtue, and you've got it in droves