Friday, August 8, 2008

The Internet is Weird

So. Weird.

I am a stat junkie. A numbers girl. So I like seeing how people stumble onto my site. I get a kick out of finding out what searches or other blogs are linking me, which photos or definitions have lured people in.

I've noticed some very odd ways that the intertubes bring folks to my so-called-life blog, this blog, or my Flickr account.

I find it all very amusing that several times a day I get hits when car junkies search "AC cobra" they come up on a photo of my brother in his garage and then some ramblings about my family hanging out on the boat. I am sure they are less than impressed.

And although Raffi may no longer be a name on the lips of children across the nation, people still google him and apparently they come right into my clutches.

The "banana phone" lives on. Too bad the 'banana hammock' does as well.

And then there are the expected hits, like people finding me when they google "asystole" or "atrial fibrillation" and such, but there is one new, very odd, and somewhat unsettling net which is catching some folks surfing the web.

My friend Marnie's boot cast!

I tracked down the site but one needs some sort of profile to get in and I cannot be bothered to make up a bunch of bogus info and set up a fake email account just to get in...though I must say my curiosity is piqued. Evidentially there is some German fetish/forum for people with casts or on crutches. They like the looks of Marni and her one-crutch-wonder self and have linked to my site! These pics were from Nature Nerds staggette...and I figured they were pretty harmless. Apparently some folks find them hot...or should I say, heisse?

This photo has had over 350 views.

This one, over 750.


What kind of chafes me is that I am really pleased with many photos I have taken over the years, yet the nearly 2000 hit spike came from some photos of me and my friends leg wrestling and standing around watching each other do handstands!

Some of my favorite photos that I am actually proud of, like these ones below have only enjoyed a whiff of the attention the grainy blurred stag/crippled friend series have had!

Nunavut Day Celebrations
A Man Who Stole My Heart in the Arctic
The Underdog.
Glimpse into train station in Morocco.
The Market in Fez.

But no. It's the crutch that brings in the hits...this one

I am not so creeped out by it all to make my account private but it has certainly given me pause with regard to what gets some folks all hot and bothered. Medical conditions are sexy apparently and as my friends the Gillatrons have discovered, some people find them through searching "sexy woman wheelchair".
(Thanks for stealing my post idea E.C)

Is there a theme here?

Maybe I ought to start wearing a wrist brace or use a cane when I go to pick up groceries and see what happens...


Rogue Medic said...

Wearing a wrist brace and looking like you need help getting a sofa in your van? The whole Silence of the Lambs thing?

I don't see you saying, "It rubs the lotion on its skin. It does this whenever it is told," with a straight face.

Albinoblackbear said...

*shudder* Thanks for the Silence of the Lambs reference before I go to sleep! :P

I know people use small dogs as conversation starters and more than once I've been asked at the grocery checkout "Is that kale? How do you cook your kale??" so maybe if I walk around with a bag of kale, a small dog, a zimmer splint, and a large piece of furniture I'll really start meeting some adventurous singles.

Wait. I don't want to meet anyone. Nor do I want to put anyone in a pit and make clothes out of their skin.

I guess that puts me back at the kitchen table, with sweat pants on , memorizing Hund's law all over again.

Now THAT is HOT.

Ryan said...

Yes the internets are weird. Sorry for 'stealing' your post. I just became so disgusted by these faceless voyeurs creeping around our blog I had to throw something back at them. Vigilante blogging.
Sexy one crutched ladies... mmmm mmm!

Ryan said...

Hmmm, those 750 hits might be attributed less to Marnie and her crutch than to the largley naked woman lying beside her. Hmmm?

Albinoblackbear said...

Who you callin' large there Gill???