Saturday, August 16, 2008

I am Leo Hear

Today is my birthday.

So to celebrate my last year as "someone in their twenties" I've decided to do a little comparing to the birthday that brought me into this decade.

Hmm...only a few subtle differences.

Well, at that stage in my life there was a core group of us that became somewhat recognized as a band of creative merrymakers. Ones that were skilled at throwing wildly successful and entertaining theme parties.

I can't really go into details because the last thing anyone needs is a ruined political career...Some of the themes included, "Cowgirl Divas" and "Rockstars and Girls in White Panties" (if you get the Mike Meyers reference you earn 10 points) . Only a handful of these print photos are now starting to show up on Facebook, which makes me thank the gods of modern technology that digital photography was NOT mainstream during my early twenties.

My birthday party's theme was "X-Women" because of the hype around the recently released summer blockbuster "X-Men". Ahem. Yes it was that long ago.

We rented a bar for the night that my friend Shelley owned, which soon became filled with scantily clad super-heroes and heroines. I had even rented a full costume and wig for my "Ice-Queen" portrayal (part of my homage to the Snow Queen, but with a more evil sounding twist).

Oh my oh my was it ever a blast. The bits I remember. I do recall that it was the only time in my life that I needed double sided tape to keep the sides of a white sequin dress from revealing the top half of my birthday suit.

By the end of the night there was a lot of smeared mascara, scattered glitter, sweat-stained Lycra, and beer-soaked feather boas in the bar, making it a birthday that will forever stand out in my mind. Well...excerpts from it least.

Today I am alone. Studying for the exam-which-will-soon-be-dead-to-me. I drove out to hang with my family only to find that the twins are both out of town with their kids for a holiday. It's okay, I'll kick back here in this quiet (air-conditioned-thank-GOD) house and keep myself busy.

This evening I will treat myself to a road ride on MY NEW BIKE!!!!!!!!!! (aka birthday present to self).

And then study some more.

So let's see, 20th Birthday:

-private bar party
-surrounded by friends
-making music
-wearing wig and snazzy dress
-hot rockstar boyfriend
-mind suitably altered for evenings events
-sweaty Lycra
-stress free existance

29th Birthday:
-sweaty Lycra from road ride

Wheeeew! Glad there is at least one similarity!!


Rogue Medic said...

Happy Birthday!

I would like to forget about my birthdays. They don't make me feel old, but so many people want to make a big deal about it. So, I usually work that day. I might as well be getting paid if people are going to be bothering me.

When you complete things you can celebrate like you're 19.99 - from the description, I suspect you started a bit early. :-)

Albinoblackbear said...

Thanks for the B-day wishes Rogue. It's more of a feigned nostalgia and pout. I'll have my bubbly soon enough. It'll be that much sweeter with the mcrap behind me.

Nice Prince reference! ;)

Rogue Medic said...

Soon enough you will be nostalgic about this, too. Probably without a feigned pout, though.

The Prince reference is just to demonstrate that I am not completely unfamiliar with purple prose. Thank you. :-)

Bostonian in NY said...

Happy Bday fellow Leo...I hope enjoy your last 365 as a 20-something and that it brings you many victories (MCAT, admissions, etc).

What kind of bike did you get yourself? I sold my Bianchi when I got to med school because I didn't have time to ride and wanted new skis.

Albinoblackbear said...

BINY--It's a 2008 TCR A1 Giant. I'm sure a photo essay is not far behind once mcat is.

Still working on a name, for now it's 'Baby' cuz nobody puts Baby in a corner. I'll probably go for something gender neutral like "Jesse" or completely different like "Blue Light Special" to represent the beauty, the color, the consumerism, and how dear she is to me.

I need a life.

The guy at the store offered to buy my mountain bike but I just couldn't do it. I knew I'd start rocking in the fetal position as soon as I realised "dual suspension" was no longer part of my life. :)

It's been awesome riding! Since I was taking it easy this week with running (letting Fester/knee/foot pain heal) I was stoked that I could go log some miles in a low impact way. Got in >80km already this weekend and my tired old bones feel great. Knee: check. Fester: nearly gone. Foot: no longer thinking I have a stress fx!


Thanks for the b-day wishes.

Back to o-chem! Yay! Finally the fun stuff...everything else is such a sloooogggg....

Albinoblackbear said...

Oh and...lots of Leo blogs eh?

Gawd. We're such showboats!


Bostonian in NY said...

Congrats on being on the road to pain-free endurance! Mixing up riding and running should keep some of your impact injuries down. Just try to take one day off a week to recover and that you're getting enough calories to maintain your level of activity so you don't kill yourself...

I looked at TCR's when I was buying my bike...solid choice! I named my Bianchi "the banana" because it was bright yellow. On hills it was called many other unsavory names, but that's another story. Not to mention that my pedal technique was horrible and didn't really know what I was doing.

Albinoblackbear said...

Why thank you---yes I am quite pleased with my choice.
Ohhh..maybe I'll call her "Blue Steel" or more accurately "Blue Carbon/Aluminum Alloy"

hmm...not as cool sounding.

"make sure you get enough calories"

-excuse me while I wipe the tears of laughter off my face-

That, will never be a problem with this girl! In case you haven't seen all the photos of me on my other blog--I am no waif nor will I ever be one. I LOVE FOOD. Love eating it. Love making it. Love thinking about it. Love thinking about making it. Love smelling it. Love looking at it. Love thinking about the next time I get it. (I'm still talking about food here).

Food is pretty much the only reason I excercise. So I can eat more of it. Okay, I'll admit there is also a desire to be ripped (like all my 6-pack-sporting-GF's) someday buried in my motivation too.

Yeah, I am pretty sure my pedalling technique is ass as well, considering the bruts hot foot (or numbfoot) I had. I am going to try and move my clips back a bit and see if it makes a difference.

Rogue--do you find you get numbfoot with the recumbent?

Rogue Medic said...

Numb foot?


It is still awkward for me. I used to use a LifeCycle, one of the original ones. A few preprogrammed difficulty levels to keep it interesting. I eventually got a dual saddle, but I like adding continually to the time working out, while alternating some days of higher intensity. Similar to Galloway's recommendations, but I just don't do a good job of taking it easy. My problem has always been that the seat was never comfortable enough for longer rides.

Getting the recumbent bike should have made a big difference, but it just seems to delay the onset of numbness - and it's not in my feet. My hamstrings are tight. They do not seem to loosen up with the recumbent bike, but they did with the standard stationary bike. There are several other problems with the bike, but I probably just need to read the instructions and be a traitor to my Y chromosome.

I also need to become more familiar with the technique. I am trying to work on faster RPMs to warm my legs up more and that seems to help a bit. If I can get off the bike and not feel that my legs are cold and tight, I might be a bit more responsible about stretching.

I have a set up that allows me to put my laptop along side the bike, so I can watch video while riding. It is distracting, entertaining, but my intensity is much less than with the LifeCycle. I would listen to music while riding that, but watching video would be too distracting. If you know where I can get a nicely padded dual saddle, that might help me to vary my workouts a bit more and increase the intensity a bit. OTOH, my alternating workout is on a heavy bag, so that gives me plenty of intensity. My biggest problem is getting enough sleep/rest. I only workout 2 - 5 times per week. In part, because 24 - 48 hour shifts wipe me out. It is rare to get any sleep on the overnights. It has thrown my schedule off completely. :-)