Saturday, March 24, 2012

First Ultrasound!

Bet that got your attention!

Yes, last night I had the opportunity to do my first ultrasound on a pregnant woman. Can I just state for the record that there are many concepts in medicine that fascinate and perplex me, not to mention the endless list of interesting presentations and procedures. But apparently there is one thing that turns me into a giddy, effusive fool: prenatal ultrasound.

I trundled down to the emergency department last night after my flatmate (and ER nurse) called me in to see some good cases. The doc who was working knows me well so he was happy to have me seeing and working up patients. Early on in the shift a pregnant woman presented with some minor bleeding so he wheeled in the ultrasound machine, flicked off the lights and handed me the transducer.

At first all I could see was fuzzy blobs and fluid and then lo! A vertebral column appears in the darkness! And then I saw the heart, its tiny chambers pumping away. I practically jumped up and down, Look! Look at the heart! Hey, there is a femur, wow! The baby is moving his, ah...or her hands! That is amazing!! 

So maybe I should have played it slightly more cool, but I couldn't help myself. It is quite something to look at a nearly flat and unremarkable belly and then suddenly be given a glimpse into a hidden world that houses a kicking, twirling, fist-pumping little being.

I spent the next portion of the evening smiling to myself as I stitched up wounds and listened to heart sounds.

The little beating heart and those dancing legs were a delightful reminder that there are also joys in medicine, even in the emergency department on a Friday night. 

Thank you, little one. I needed that.

A little bigger but you get the idea, image from here.


Erin said...

More fun than a bladder scanner, huh?

Albinoblackbear said...

Hahah, oh the bladder scanner, how could I have forgotten the countless 75 year old men whose abdomens I coated with goo before struggling with a coude tip?!

Yes...waaaaaaaaay more fun!

Frazzled-Razzle-RN said...

That is exciting! Good job!

SuFu PhD said...

babies are about the only thing I can see on ultrasound. other than that it's like watching snow on the tele

nursemd said...

Awesome!! Just wait until you find twins for the first time. ;)

peace said...

It is great how you enjoy being in the hospital and being involved. Lucky you. That is how great doc is made I supposed.