Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Stumble to the Finish

26 sleeps until I am done finals.

I know that using 'sleeps' as a way of marking time may be seen as infantile but its my kind of countdown.

We're doing the neuroanatomy unit right now which is fascinating and challenging--but overall I am enjoying it. I just wish I didn't have the kidney to be reviewing (and all those other blobs in the abdominal cavity) at the same time. I'd love to just kick it on the porch with my neuro book for a couple of weeks.

Sadly the medical school doesn't roll that way.

Campus is in a state of flux as all of the 18 year old alcoholics majoring in sweet-f*ck-all are finishing up and heading back from whence they came. It's been nice seeing them roll by my window in res with their luggage on wheels.  At least now I wont have to dodge vacuum cleaners that have been thrown off balconies on my walk to class. Speaking of my window, here is the view from it right now:
                                                                    Classy, I know.

Turns out res is turfing all the bedding and buying new stuff for next year. I shudder to think of what a swab from that pile would grow.

I have to admit though it has been making me slightly jealous seeing everyone celebrating and leaving, knowing I still have a month left of classes.

Tobie went back to Canada on Thursday morning. Of course I am going to miss him but with the school work crescendo building to a frenzy it'll probably be better that he doesn't see me again until it is all over. I have already reverted to my pre-Tobie rituals of staying up too late studying and taking meals in front of my computer. BAD ABB!!

For now though I am going to try and enjoy the sunshine and the studies. Now that the din is lowered studying at home ought to be a viable option. If you're looking for me I will be located here, in the study pit (another glimpse into the glamorous life of medical students in Ireland).


Beach Bum said...

Good luck! Study well! And don't let the avalanche of material totally quash your love and excitement over the subject matter. Most of this stuff is pretty cool, even if it isn't directly clinically relevant. Work to maintain your enthusiasm. :) And eat soup.

RH said...

26 days is plenty of time to lose your sanity. Remember to stay grounding and pace yourself - finals are no different than any other day (or so I am told, but not sure I believe).

Kick butt and take names.

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Looks like my study pit did except I didn't have as many pictures.

Nurse J said...

roses are red
oceans are blue
yay for finals!
means you're ALMOST thru....

gq said...

I like the easy to access wine bottle above your head.

OMDG said...

With the neuroanatomy, I remember feeling totally overwhelmed until the last possible moment. Every little bit helps (especially with the brainstem and the pathways), and try not to freak out if you can't remember everything immediately.

Good luck! What are your plans for the summer?

Anonymous said...

Good luck ABB! We whizzed through Neuroanatomy at the end of first year too. At the beginning it was awful and I had no idea what was going on but after a couple weeks I got into the groove and finished off fine. You will too!

Enjoy the sunshine, I am staring out at it longingly too from my own little study pit :).

Albinoblackbear said...

BB--You have facilitated my soup eating since Thanksgiving so yes...I will eat soup.

I am trying to keep a +ive attitude. I chose to be here, right? :)

RH--Heh, yes. I am doing the combo of exercise and study and it has been treating me very well actually. Definitely helping to keep my sanity.

Grump--I am aware that my decor smacks of 12 year old girl (except I am missing horse posters) BUT I maintain that the extra long distance from friends and family gives me a pass on this one.

NurseJ--Indeed. There is a light...

OMDG--I dig neuro and even grasp it so that is nice. I enjoy it a lot more than liver, kidney, etc. Guess that means IM is not in my future?? :)

Summer...gonna take a couple of weeks off. First spending a week in Quebec with Tobes and then flying out West to spent about 10 days with my family before starting my 7 days a week at the hospital in BC routine.

Going to work in the ED and on my days off shadow in either emerg or with an anesthetist. Stoked.

I finish work and 3 days later start back here again!

Ninja--Thanks! There is some comfort in numbers. Here's to study pits and staring at sunshine out the window.

On the plus side, I suppose we aren't getting wrinkles/melanoma? :)

Cartoon Characters said...

your room looks exactly like my room in college back in 1973!! :)

Good luck on your last month!

Albinoblackbear said...

Hahaha, hilarious. :)

Well, I didn't live in res in my previous student life so I guess I am paying my dues now!

Thanks for the luck.

AMIT said...
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