Thursday, November 4, 2010

Take It When I Can Get It

It was windy, rainy, and dark but I went out for a run anyway.

Left my GPS/heart monitor behind because I am just not sure how much of a drenching it can take before it fizzles out (and I just cannot afford to replace such a luxury item).

And it was one of those sweet runs. About as frequent for me as a leap year. Those runs where your legs never get tired, you don't have to pee, you don't feel short of breath/chest tightness, you aren't getting chafed by your sports bra, you aren't growing a new blister.

People looked at me like I was insane as they raced to their cars, jackets pulled up, umbrellas out. But you know? I kinda like running in the rain. I even did my usual lap twice because I just didn't want it to end. Tobie just laughed when I came in because I looked like a completely drown rat.

Glorious. It makes the next hundred runs in between (that involve gasping for air, knee pain, and sore muscles) worth it.


Robert said...

Absolutely. They say that hitting a good golf shot addicts you for life. It's the same with a good run, more so even.

Nature Nerd said...

I love those runs! I just wish they came a bit more often.

Nurse J said...

jeez, i haven't had a run like that since club soccer during my middle skool years. it like a meditation, and you can barely feel you body running. total mind-body separation. you feel like you can run forever, your thinking is clear ...... deilicious. and made better by the rain. maybe it was the rain that kept your sports bra from itching? and your knee from hurting?

Albinoblackbear said...

XY--That would explain why I've never gotten into golf--have yet to hit a good shot (could the ETOH that always accompanies my golf games have something to do with it? Maybe.)

NN--Yeah, they are amazing...I was trying to remember actually the last time I had one...I think it was 3 years ago in Abbotsford of all places (also in the rain).

NJ--Exactly! Sigh. I went out again yesterday and it was back to the ol' grind.

Rain does seem to be key--(I think maybe because I overheat SOOO much when I run, to the point that I still wear sleeveless tops up to about freezing level temps)--it keeps me cool. Makes me feel hardcore? Sure, a little...even though I am the most soft-core 'athlete' I know.

Hmm...wonder about the bra and knee theory...could be!