Thursday, November 18, 2010

Doctors of Tomorrow

Today I noticed one of the first-years had as his FB status:

Whenever I see the facebook poke icon, all I can think about is a bimanual....gahhhh.

I would have loved to have commented:



Whenever I see you all I can think about is that one day you'll be a doctor....gahhhh.

This is coming from the guy who wore a name-tag that said DOCTOR CANADA on it during the first week of school when we all went on a meet-and-greet-pub-crawl together.

Thing is, I know so many amazing, talented, intellectual, well-rounded, thoughtful, hilarious people that didn't get accepted into medicine.

Then there's that guy...who did.

(All that being said, my FB status today was that I want to drop out of school and become an Ottawa Valley Irish Dancer so...what does that make me? And yes, yes I did see the Chieftans last night in concert.)


OMDG said...

Well, the poke icon annoys me too.... but I can't say it's ever reminded me of a bimanual. Ew,

Shannon said...

I've never fallen victim to the cult that is facebook, but I have been telling people that physiological psychology makes me want to drop out of school and herd yaks in Mongolia.

Nice, simple yaks.

NPO said...

Doctor Canada?
Way to go to another country and look foolish, and take your country along for the ride. I thought Americans had that market cornered.

Although all bets are off during world Cup time.

Anonymous said...

Thank God I'm not the only person who experiences this. I know one of my good friends who has just come off his THIRD failed application (and would make an excellent doc, IMO), and I have to watch as some of my classmates:

- Go out to clubs wearing their white coats (their clerk coats no less, which look like little tunics)
- Don't understand that not all Chinese are Buddhists ("No, but they're all Buddhist by DESCENT")
- Do a DRE without using gloves

I feel your pain.

Cartoon Characters said...

ABB:I can't believe some of the stuff put on FB. And something like that coming from a future MD? Hopefully he doesn't finish....
Chieftans? I am sooo jealous!
NPO: I agree. A douche can come from anywhere I guess.
Not House: really? that's just sick.

Maha said...

Paging Dr. D. Bag....

Albinoblackbear said...

OMDG--exactly my thoughts...ewww.

Shan--Yes, I have similar inclinations.

NPO--Right? He said it was "pointing out two things that chicks LOVE...foreign men and DOCTORS".

NH--PLEASE please please tell me that those examples were GROSS exaggerations. Oh. My. God. That is seriously disturbing.

CC--I fear they find a way to make sure everyone finishes. You have to *seriously* bomb to get the boot here. I think only 1 person actually failed from last year.

Maha--hahaahhahah! Exactly.