Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring (Sort of) Break Yipeeeeeeee!

Ok. There was a call for Med Ball photos...


That is Tobie and I (in the background).

I am the one being a jacka*s and Tobie is the one looking slightly embarrassed to be my date.

Today is officially the first day of Spring Break! And I am desperately needing it. Literally felt like I was crawling through my school work for about the past 2 weeks.  I lost all of my school oompf and was just going through the motions. The content is really interesting but I feel. So. Damn. Tired.

I have to drag myself out of bed everyday and then yawn my way through the next 4 hours until I wake up.  Maybe training for a 1/2 marathon and doing a 30-day yoga challenge at the same time was a bad idea.


The worst part was we started a new module recently, which, so far has been sports medicine related cases.

Oh dear.

ABB falls in love with yet another specialty.

It has been really interesting to learn about hydration, energy stores, energy breakdown, and things like "bonking" or hitting the wall from a biochemical point of view. Plus it's given me a little lift in the running department, I am now visualizing my slow twitch muscle fibers stocking up on mitochondria which makes me giggle on the trails.

Tobes and I are renting a car for the week and are planning a little stay-cation here in Ireland. Since we're both starving students our budget is pretty small so we're mostly going to do day trips with the car and picnic lunches...but we are splurging on 2 nights in a 4-star hotel in Killarney and one night in Galway. I booked the Galway one on points so it doesn't count. :-)

Cannot wait to get outside and breathe some non-campus air, see some non-campus sights, and be around non-campus people. We are due for some quality down time. Granted we both have to do a bit of work over the break (Tobie practicing, me writing #3 of 5 essays due in April),  but we are going try maximize our time off.

This means only 2.5 months left for the year!


Nature Nerd said...

When's your half-marathon? I'm trying to find folks to sign up for one with me and am failing. Might be a good excuse to come to Ireland.

Oh, and nice photobomb in that photo!

OMDG said...

Ooohhhh. Tobie's a hottie!


Albinoblackbear said...

NN-I am sending you an email with all the dets. Come visit!!!!!!!

OMDG--Heheh, yes he is. (But I am biased, of course).

And he's also a good cook that is totally quirky, driven career-wise but laid back other-wise, attentive, healthy, smart, sweet, talented, and completely supportive. So I consider myself very lucky. :)

Albinoblackbear said...

OMDG--Oh, this afternoon I was cleaning up the lunch dishes and said casually, "hey Tobes, a married woman in Philly thinks you're a hottie..."

There was a long pause then he responded with,

"Where do I begin asking questions?"


doctorcalm said...

You can tell Tobie that a married woman in Madison also thinks he's a hottie.

Miss you! I don't have my schedule yet for next year but keep your fingers crossed for spring break!

GENOVEZ said...

just enjoy it!!! you deserve it!!

Grumpy, M.D. said...

You have a great Spring Break. Sounds better than hauling my kids around to museums.

There is a field for every personality in medicine. You'll find yours.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an absolutely lovely stay-cation :). Hope you have fun and get a chance to recharge - You're almost done with first year ya!

And nice pic, looks like you were having fun there lol ;)

Keet said...

Have fun!!! I want to try and plan a weekend to come visit before the year ends!
Any dates better than others?

Josiah O. Morris said...

Heh, I'd like to refocus the attention from your man friend there and state that it appears as though you're quite pleasing to the eye yourself! Good-looking couple all the way around. Well done!

Even though I've already read the follow-up post to this, since I wasn't around to say it last week I'll say it now. I hope your spring break is (was) is exactly enough to relax and go back to the grind as fresh as you were on day one.

Albinoblackbear said...

C.Lee--Fingers and all other appendages crossed! xo

And yes I further freaked out Tobes with your comment. Heh.


Grump--Hehe, maybe more fun. But holidaying with a sick man vs museums? Tough call...

Here's to the adventure of choosing a medical career! (And hoping it's something that will quickly pay off my $300 000 debt when I finish!!!!)

Ninja--Thank goodness it's almost over.

Yeah I was trying to find a nice pic of us to post but apparently I only like to take ridiculous poses for pictures on the one day of the year I am not in sweat pants. Go figure.

So the shot of me crashing my friend Christine and John's special moment seemed apropos.

Keet--A date when you can come and write a paper for me maybe?? Heh. I'll check my calender and get back to ye.

JOM--Hahah, yes thank you! :) Enough about him, this is *my* blog after all!!

Cheers for the holiday wishes. It took me a week so stop hovering 3 inches about the ground with stress and now I have to go back. :(

Oh well. Only 2.5 months left until I set up shop in the ED all summer.

Mark p.s.2 said...

The guy in the photo is a fool to be embarassed being kissed by you.
You know you are very attractive right?

Albinoblackbear said...

Mark--Ha! No no no. I am not the girl doing the kissing! I am the girl in the background trying to "crash" the photo...the guy off to the right in the photo is my man friend laughing at me being a jackass.

I will pass on to my friend Christine though that the people of the internet have spoken and they find her attractive! :)

Mark p.s.2 said...

I'm sorry I did not read your description above the photo properly. I am so embarrassed!

Albinoblackbear said...

Mark--No worries!