Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Idea oF Excitement

Sorry for the recent dearth of posts.

I suppose it is a combo of having a pretty routine boring life writers block and having no time thanks to the fact that I am trying to write 5 essays on top of the usual truckload of school work.

As a bonus, there are some creative, non medical things afoot which are quite exciting. A small troupe of us are organizing a skit/comedy/music night which should be a blast--ok granted it will have a medical theme it will be a far cry from memorizing flash cards.

Last night we Canadians got a sweet view of a 'real Irish' pub just out of town. The place had about 10 tables (all of different size and shape with an equally random assortment of chairs) there were large glass cases with fishing reels and animal traps on display. The walls were covered in everything from old sporting equipment to taxidermied birds. (If any of you have seen the movie "Withnail and I" think of the Crow & Crown Pub--if you haven't seen the movie, rent it.) It was a lovely change of pace.

The thing I love about traditional music sessions is there is this large table somewhere in a corner, sitting around it are the musicians. There is something more natural and less show-boaty all about it. Several of our friends had also brought instruments and by the time we left it was half pensioners and half medical students playing fiddle, banjo, guitar, concertina, accordion, and mandolin. Delightful.

And the cherry of non medical excitement was today I was given a key (obtained through various secret handshakes and oaths) to the dance studio in the old sportsplex!! Yippeeeee! This means I can actually do yoga somewhere other than in my room.  My room which only has 1 meter between the desk and bed, complete with ground floor window that opens to the high traffic entrance of my building! Oh the room is so divine. Today I went and drooled through the window at the beautiful floors and mirrored walls, high ceilings--divine.  Tomorrow, yoga.

And now I will return to my regularly scheduled program of head in physiology textbook.

"Right, here's the plan. First, we go in there and get wrecked, then we eat a pork pie, then we drop some Surmontil-50's each. That way we'll miss out on Monday and come up smiling Tuesday morning."

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GENOVEZ said...

well, now I understand what you said before about the non-urgent important things in life... enjoy everything in life, don´t you? that´s pretty good, !!!, you can do yoga... good for you!!I feel some envy...but, that´s what a a medical student needs...right?

RH said...

Glad you are finding time to explore AB. I understand the guilt factor when your body says you need a study break, but your mind says you need to study more - so are the pains of medical school.

Good luck with finding balance between cramming your head full of physio!

Nature Nerd said...

Good to hear you are still fitting music and yoga into your busy life. Your new yoga space sounds awesome! Are there crocuses and snowdrops springing up everywhere over there too?

WWWebb said...

The word is spelled "troupe", m'dear, unless y'all are all baboons. That being said, I am glad that you are getting a little play in with all your hard work.

Albinoblackbear said...

Thanks WWW.

Correction made.

My English prof mother would have scratched my eyes out if she'd seen it! :)

Grumpy, M.D. said...

I hated those damn physiology books. Still do.

Albinoblackbear said...

Grump--Part of what really bugs me about memorizing irrelevant minutiae like what protein transporters are activated by what biochemical processes--is that I know the limited clinical application most of it has.

It's just hoop #17783 to jump through in a row that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Albinoblackbear said...

Zab--Yes, it's a work in progress.

I actually do yoga often (especially this month since I am doing a 30 day yoga challenge to raise money for arthritis research). It's just not as soul nurturing when it has to be done in a shoebox with the blinds drawn. I got too spoiled in Whistler in the studios there where out every window is a view of the mountains. Hence my excitement for the new space.

RH--Yes, the constant guilt when not studying is the fastest way *not* to enjoy any activity other than studying! :)

AS Ninja said in a recent post--there is always the belief that everyone else in the class is doing high yield practice exams all day long while you are doing something else.

NN--Welllll the mando lessons have suffered as of late. BUT seeing that trad music the other night has inspired me again to keep at it.

There are some tulips and other unidentifiable (to my ignorant eye) shoots coming up around campus but I think it's because the weather hasn't really warmed up yet. It's been clear but cold these past few weeks.

Kent and Keith have both returned to Canada recently and have sent reports of how great it is to be back in the Motherland. I don't know who I'll whine to when you're back in the Cozy Cabin! :)