Monday, March 15, 2010

Medical Mnemonic Monday

My current favorite mnemonic:


to remember the layers (out to in) of adrenal cortex and what they produce:

zona Glomerulosa
zona Fasciculata
zona Reticularis produces
Sex hormone precursor.

If you make a post about layers of the adrenal cortex does that technically count as 'studying' or is it still 'blatant procrastination'?


Beach Bum said...

I always used:

Guns and Fucking Roses


Salt Stress Sex

Anonymous said...

I can use that for my tests on Friday - I had GFR down but nothing for what each layer produces. Thanks ABB!

GENOVEZ said...

hahaha....good one ABB!!.....very useful!!!!... If I´d have known that before...( when I was a med student...)
sorry if it sounds funny to me now...

OMDG said...

It counts as studying.

Maha said...

I'm agreeing with OMDG - that's studying and educating!

Keet said...
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RH said...

Studying, definitely studying (and good one!).

My favorite is still "Some Lovers Try Positions That They Can't Handle."

I will never forget the carpal bones.

Albinoblackbear said...

BB--ohh! That is good because I always get the mechanisms of aldosterone and ADH mixed up.

Ninja--Glad I could be of service. :) Ooohhh, my artery trick for suprarenal blood supply is PAR for the course: P)hrenic artery, Abdominal aorta, Renal artery.

Zab--I can't take credit for it, a girl in my group came up with that one. I figure, the funnier the mnemonic the better the chance I'll actually remember it.

OMDG/Maha--Thank you for validating me, heh.

RH--Yes! I love that one for the carpel bones.