Sunday, September 7, 2008

Space Shifting

My friend Nature Nerd was leaning on me pretty hard to go hiking last weekend. And though I had a million things to do (like pack my belongings and work on med school applications) I agreed. And it was good.
The decompression post-school and MCAT was very much needed.
Seems the best thing to do after a stressimus maximus year is hit the trail and enjoy the views.

We hiked in and set up camp the first day, which allowed some sweet rock scrambling with only day packs for the second day.

The snow stared to fly so we headed down and back to camp. It would have been a slippery descent. And since one member of our party was a little off balance due to her 24 week gestation state, it might have gotten ugly.

Check out the wicked avy paths on mountain in the distance.
Certainly helped to get me amped about my upcoming trip as well...and break in the new hiking boots.


Rogue Medic said...

That is some beautiful country. Enjoy.

Bostonian in NY said...

Nice pictures! Hope you got the boots all broken in without a recurrence of burger-feets.

It's not that I have a life, just not too much to talk about now that my life involves seeing a couple non-acute patients every day and abusing Netflix streaming movies for all that it's worth.

God I love free time.

Albinoblackbear said...

Yes, I am a definite BC'll certainly be hard to tear myself away for MD school. I really do miss the mountains like a lover when I am away from them. It's odd to be drawn to rock formations with such force but...why fight it?

Boots--check. I brought spare 'kicks' just in case--much to everyone's entertainment (they obviously didn't appreciate "Fester" debacle and how it destroyed any semblance of an exercise regime for a couple weeks this summer...) Kids can be so cruel. So cruel.

Free time rules.

So does sleep.

Going there now.