Friday, September 26, 2008

Hello Himalaya!

The time is drawing near.

Right now the house has many Albinoblackbear-made piles around it. Clusters of electronic charging devices, stacks of medical supplies, collections of scrub tops and underwear, hordes of powerbars.

OK now it is starting to sink in! I am actually going to India!

Packing is a bit of a challenge as the weather will be changing drastically. I checked the temperature this morning and it is 31°C (about 88°F) in Delhi but in the first of the Himalayan cities we are going to the low is around 6°C (46°F) for today. So in go the flip flops and the down jacket I guess!

I finally realized one of the perks of working in health care when I showed up at my ER around midnight (knowing it'd be a bit quieter) and got one of my colleagues to give me a script for the little-old-lady-like shopping list of prophylactic meds I want to bring. Man I am going to have a tricked out first aid kit!

So I am not sure how much I will be blogging while I am gone (almost never) but I will be keeping a journal while on the road. I look forward to the emotional, physical, and mental shake up this trip is going to give me. It is most needed.

Until I post again!



Bostonian in NY said...

Travel safely, take lots of pictures and post them so that I can live vicariously though the interweb because I'm pretty much tied down here for the next few years without hopes of getting anywhere cool for a while...hooray medical school!

Albinoblackbear said...

Will do!

I wont likely post much while I am gone, but the odd group email/photo may go out (via BCC of course) so if you want to be on that list send a note to my gmail account.

Happy studying!


Rogue Medic said...

Good luck with the trip. Be glad you are not flying out of the US. They would probably give you grief about the medications, unless you have prescriptions for them.