Saturday, September 6, 2008

The List Continues

Northern Ontario School of Medicine

That brings the count up to 17 applications total so far. Not including the US and Australian schools.

If I don't get in to at least one I will have to re-evaluate my career choice...oh...and my self esteem...


Rogue Medic said...

SELF esteem.

Where does anyone else figure into that?

You need to recognize that you have the only opinion that matters. You need to try to be as objective as possible, but some stranger in an admissions office is not objective and should have no bearing on who you feel you are.

Dragonfly said...

Come to Australia!!

Big Momma said...

northern ontario school of medicine! my home town :) im just working my way through your blog from the oldest posts, so I'm still waiting in anticipation to find out how you do on your exam lol - excellent blog btw! You are an inspiration!

Albinoblackbear said...

Big Momma--Thanks!! :) Glad you are enjoying it.

I applied there twice (no interview even). Hence my current living arrangement (Ireland).