Monday, February 13, 2012

Surgical Field Trip

Headed for the hills today for a surgical assist field trip. M.C took me with him to the wild and wooly west coast for an operating theater day in one of the remote hospitals.

I have Monday's off (from GP) but was more than happy to spring out of bed at 0545h, knowing that I'd have the chance to be first assist and 'camera woman' for all the cases today.

And indeed, it was well worth it. Worked a lot on my sub-cue suturing skills and scope handling. Lots of neck craning and nervous sweat. So. Much. Fun.

I really cannot pretend to be aloof about this whole surgery thing. Pretty soon I'll stop sheepishly mumbling and toeing the floor when people ask me what I want to be when I grow up. Not today, but pretty soon.


Justin said...

Huh - somehow I have ever even thought about how difficult it must be to suture sub-cutaneously... How do you prepare for / practice that before you actually get to work on a patient? Also - I like the "Currently Reading" section. Not sure if it's new or not, as I mostly follow your feed, but I'll be checking in more frequently now that I know that you've got that up.

KCMDinKY said...

Surgery is awesome. Took me almost 6 months after my surgery clinical rotation before I conceded and admitted out loud my life's path involved me being a surgeon. Good luck with your decision. Go with where you heart takes you.