Thursday, February 2, 2012

Life One Liner

(I know this is supposed to be a medically related blog but lately it is more like a this is what I am eating and doing in my free time blog. Apologies. The heart-wrenching and hilarious moments of my emergency nursing days are long gone and I am starting to feel like a broken record of worn-out anecdotes. Also, I'm working like a fiend to finish up my research project and special study module as I hope to do an elective in March. I want to be able to leave the country knowing all my little scholastic ducks are in a row and life is organized. A very non-ABB behavior pattern. Usually when I leave the country there is a dizzying storm of clothes, textbooks, toothbrushes, running shoes, papers, granola bars, open luggage, garbage bags, and USB cables around me for 2-3 days...and then *POOF* I disappear. I swear this time, that shall not be. As a result I fear Asystole is not getting the attention it deserves. Hence, blogger guilt. It's like mommy guilt without the cereal in the hair and spit-up on the shoulder.)

Dr. Joe is on annual leave this week so I sat in with one of the other GP's in the practice, I thought I should branch out in his absence. Everyone here is lovely, though I must admit that I miss Dr. Joe's Prairie Home Companion version of social histories. During one of the consults the patient was talking about the age ranges of her four children, aged 6 - 13.  I thought she summarized things so brilliantly, "Ah sure, in my house there is everything from Santa Claus to maxi-pads". What a perfect slice of life. That is one of the things I miss about bedside nursing, the little glimpses into people's lives, scenes I could collect in a shift.

It got me thinking, what would my one-liner of life be right now?

It's all...tupperware and textbooks?

...Band-aids and backpacks?

...practice tests and data tables?

...scones and stethoscopes?

...residency worries and vitamin D supplements?

...bad skype connections and emotional eating? 

Dunno. All of the above I suppose. What is your one-liner these days?


Allison said...

Research and exercise. Last year it would have bee research and food, but luckily I have seen the error of my ways and my health is much better for it.

Liana said...

Sleep and C-sections.

EMT GFP said...

Teach, research, repeat. I'll leave out the constant stressing for good measure.

CatCat said...
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