Monday, January 17, 2011

Wordpress vs Blogger

I am thinking of moving to Wordpress...has anyone else done the swap or have some thoughts on this?

I just like the layout on Wordpress better.

Do I really need to do that though, or am I just trying to find a way to kill a HUGE amount of time rather than study inflammatory bowel disease?

In other news, today I realized that my new haircut no longer allows me to look like a normal woman at the gym.

Note ridiculous hair nubbins poking out the side of my head.
Nope. Now I look like a woman who is trying to look like a 5 year old girl.

This completely destroys the months of attempts at gaining street cred in the gym here where 99.9% of the time I am the only woman lifting weights, surrounded by testosterone-crazed-bowling-ball-headed-whole-chicken-eating-febreeze-spraying rugby players.

Gone, in the snip (or two) of a scissor.


Anonymous said...

Or - or - you could compensate by simply eating a whole chicken whilst crashing their rugby game.

I believe that's how you win respect in the testosterone world.

Estelle said...

I think you and I are having the same problem. My semester starts tomorrow and I decided to make a tumblr account last night. This could be a problem. ;)

Frazzled-Razzle-RN said...

I've entertained thoughts about doing the same thing, but even though my following isn't super large I feel like I'd be letting them down if I left. I'm sure they wouldn't follow me anyway. Plus isn't life always greener on the other side of the fence...just saying.

Albinoblackbear said...

AP--I like the way you roll.

ED--Dear LORD I don't know what tumblr is but I am forcing myself to NOT look into it until the weekend. When all my work is done for the day! hahah

ZE--True. It is one of the main things holding me back as well, I am pretty sure my links would die and most of my readers would disappear.

You're also right about the grass. I actually like the way the blog looks these days, there are just a few little tweaks I'd like to make.

My luck I'd also lose the entire bloody thing in the transfer! =)

rhonda said...

I always entertain moves like that, but I'm very untecchy with blogger so I'd probably be jsut as unteccy at wordpress.

Dragonfly said...

Yay for weight lifting. Who says women can't do it?

RH said...

Moving a blog sounds like a lot of work. If you move, post the address here for us!

As for the gym social dynamics, always remember to grunt louder than the person next to you. Eating a whole chicken would help too, but I am pretty sure replacing your water bottle with a Guinness would do one better!

Robert said...

I like the haircut. It's cute.

And who cares what rugby players think when you have a classical musician at home... ;)

OMDG said...

I was thinking about moving too, since I saw how slick action potential's blog looked, and how neatly it stacks her comments for her. I think it would be a lot of work though, so for now I'm sticking with blogger.

Nurse J said..., two questions; why in frogs name are these dood's spraying febreeze (do i really want to know?), and do people in IRE-land know who tina fey is....? haircut looks great on you, by the by. i kinda wish it was more socially acceptable for doods to change their hair as often as women can. i usually roll between some degree of 'just shaved' and 'needs to shave.' boring.

Albinoblackbear said...

FR--See, I feel like I am just starting to figure out blogger, partly why I am afraid to move!

DF-Yay is right! I am used to seeing tons of women weight training from living in Whistler and the lower mainland in BC--it seems to be way more popular back home. Here in Ireland, I am not sure why but weights are just NOT something that women (in this city, at least) seem to do.

I really feel more self-conscious doing it here than I ever did in Canada.

RH--Oh definitely, I am not going to start a secret blog somewhere else (though there is that temptation from time to time as people who know me are starting to read this one! =)

Grunting louder than those dudes would be a feat unto itself (as would staying on the treadmill after a Guinness...)hahah.

NXY--Thanks! Good point regarding my refined gentleman at home. ;) I am not looking for a date at the gym, just a little respect, y'know!

OMDG--Yeah, I like the top-tabs as well (though Michelle Au has those on her blogger, so maybe I just need to fiddle...)

NurseJ--Ok, this is one of my MAJOR pet peeves about the gym here: men do not use deodorant or wash their gym clothes. It is so BAD that at times I've had to switch machines/benches because of it. Their solution: spray FEBREEZE or body spray ON THEIR CLOTHES in an attempt to mask the gag-worthy odor emanating from them. So then you get the pine-tree-over-rotting-corpse smell mixed with B.O and it is an olfactory insult not soon forgotten.

So in your profile pic is that the 'needs to be shaved' category? hahah

Cartoon Characters said...

I have been dabbling with a blog on wordpress. It is also where my nephew blogs. I am finding it a little more complicated and therefore slightly frustrating - apparently blogspot is where all the "old people" blog...from what I have been told. =^@
I like your new photo btw. looks a little like the Sea to Sky Hwy....

Albinoblackbear said...

CC--HAHAHHAHAHA oh grrrrrreat! "Where old people blog!" awesome. HIlarious!

Yeah, I have been faffing on wordpress today, but more for the distraction than anything else.

Glad you like the new pic--those are the Rockies, on the transCanada, somewhere between Golden and Canmore. I don't think there is stretch that straight for that long on the Sea to Sky! =)

Absentbabinski said...

I've played with most of the major blogging engines and I have to say there is something very friendly about blogger and the Google account integration (I live and die by gmail, gcal, google reader et al) is just tops.

And go you for lifting heavy things. I find it a great way to sweat out the PBL blues :)

Albinoblackbear said...

AB--True, I spent some QT with blogger today, messing with my header/photo (which took AGES!) And we kinda kissed and made up. I am going to add some header tabs soon and then I think I'll be happy with it.

It's true, since my "exercise through recreation" lifestyle has disappeared I've rekindled my love for the dumbbell.

Cartoon Characters said...

I can't see past the Semi behind u. I thot there was a straight stretch somewhere around Squamish? :)
but then, I haven't been up there in a long while....

Anonymous said...

I've run a blog under both sites and definitely prefer Wordpress to Blogger - layout is a lot cleaner and it's much easier to modify.