Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Today I went to the Annual Research Day forum that the school puts on, which showcases relevant medically related studies that are being conducted by faculty and students.

I have already decided that I will likely be doing a lit review for my research project next year, so I was mostly going just out of interest to see what the kids are up to these days.

Turns out, I am a crazy slacker. I mean, I am a playing-videogames-in-my-mom's-basement-and surviving-on-delivery-pizza-and-cheetos level slacker in comparison to some of the other medical students in my program.

Yeah, like the 4th year who is on the National kickboxing team and also doing this extensive colon cancer gene marker study, looking at metastasis likelihood and risk/benefit of surgical intervention .

Oh and the 3rd year who is helping set the guidelines for radiation therapy in rectal cancer, thanks to his study. He's the class rep as well.

I could go on.

It could have been inspiring if it hadn't been such a 'kick up the hole' as they say here. What the hell people? I am barely holding on to regular exercise and a wee mandolin hobby here. You're out CURING friggin' CANCER! How??? They better have a pharmaceutical addiction or something.


Grumpy, M.D. said...

"Has anyone seen the medical student? And what happened to all the Provigil samples?

OMDG said...

OMG don't do a lit review. SO FREAKING BORING!!! For the love of god, just try a little research. It's not THAT bad.

Blonde Saffron said...

Oh I'm convinced those people are addicted to some sort of stimulant.

Dammit, sometimes I wish I had my own prescription!

Nurse J said...

dadgummit! grumpy took my provigil joke i was gonna make. fine. um.....they're probably doing meth. yeah, they're meth fiends!!
shoot, not as funny. grumPEEEEE!

RH said...

I got nothing and now I feel like a slacker. Do they sleep? Are they getting exam answers beforehand? Did they wake up one day from their billion dollar entrepreneurial careers and decide "today I will become a physician that will be a lark"?

Grumpy, M.D. said...

I didn't do ANY research in med school or residency, and do not feel I missed anything.

Unknown said...

So I am curious. Is a prescription for Provigil considered cheating like steroids/testosterone/HgH is in sports? Interesting thought anyways.

James said...

@ Jeremiah Aderol is what the "cheaters" use these days.

I wouldn't worry about being a slacker. I feel like I pale in comparison to my classmates, but all you really have to do is well enough to get a residency interview, and then you can kill em' with kindness and charm. Those gunners in your class are probably wanting to go into derm or ortho or something super competitive. If derm is on your list still...yeah, maybe you could be a little worried, haha.

If it helps, I did zero reasearch, barely passed step 1, and ranked in the bottom third of my class. But I still got an interview to every school I applied to. If you are a good and caring person, your rec letters will reflect that and I think/hope you'll find that counts for just as much, if not more, in the long run when people are evaluating you for residency.

Rogue Medic said...

And when did life become fair?

If you worry about them, it still does not do you any good. If anything, when you feel that you need some motivation, then use their accomplishments to inspire yourself to do something difficult.

Don't use their example to beat yourself up for not being them.

Do your friends complain that you are not doing all of the things these people are doing?

Does your family?

PS Although I have not been reading your blog much lately (I haven't been reading any blogs much lately), I haven't been reading their blogs at all. Not even a little bit.

How do you know that they aren't even more envious of you?