Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fracking Insomnia!!!!

Why? Now of all times?

No exam stress. No noise. Adequate exercise. Normal meal times. Darkness. Early morning waking. Dim lights in evening.


I wish I was in my residency now. At least I could be putting lack of sleep to good use.

[Shakes tired yet wired fist at sky!!!]

What the hell, body??


Estelle said...

Do you have audio recordings of any of your old a&p lectures? Maybe listening to those would put you to sleep. ;-)

Cartoon Characters said...

read something really boring. Did u get some Mersyndol when u were in canada last time? it puts me out in an clears my sinuses.... at least you aren't coughing up a lung like I am right now... :(

RH said...

You were an ER nurse. Where is your Benadryl for these situations?

just kidding

Reading something droll always works for me.

Note: I do not endorse better living through chemistry.

RH said...

Oops! I forgot the droll suggestion.

David Sedaris is always light and funny - a good way to turn in.

Dragonfly said...

Lack of sleep after you have graduated is still bad because you aren't rested and you will be tired enough anyway. Luckily it usually isn't an issue (me and my 9pm bedtime).