Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Athletic Wear Paradox

You may have heard of the "ulnar nerve paradox".

Well I have come up with my own paradox of late.

The longer I am in medical school, the more weight I put on. This is bad for many reasons, but the main issue right now is that I am poor so I can't even afford to go out and buy some temporary 'fat clothes' while I step up my exercise routine and turn down the stress-snacking.

So I am left with wearing the only clothes that feel comfortable and still fit--my athletic clothes.

That's right...the sweat pants, the lycra tanks, the light poly track pants, the running shorts.

And it's kind of a sad joke, really, because the chubbier I get the more I have to dress like a jock freak.



OMDG said...

SCRUBS!! You're a medical professional. Just get some scrubs from a hospital you'll be rotating in. They're unflattering on everyone, but oh so comfortable. And as you get larger, you can always upsize.

Incidentally, I'm not trying to be flip about your size increase. I'd be upset if that was happening to me too. :-(

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Agree. Scrubs can hide a lot.

Albinoblackbear said...


I think anyone who wears scrubs outside of the hospital ought to have "poser" tattooed on their forehead.

It's like the douches who wear labcoats over their scrubs to get coffee across the street from the hospital. 1: Lame. 2: Ewww.

So, your solution won't quite work for me for another few years...


Beach Bum said...

Does the fact that I laughed when I read your post make me a bad person?

Seriously, this too shall pass.

RH said...

I don’t think I can be much help. In fact, I agree that scrubs are a bit much around school. After years of wearing them at work, I tend to think “filthy” when I see people in class with them. In addition, they are comfortable, but don’t breath well and I run hot.

The exercise thing sucks. The lack of sleep depletes the motivation. I started out lifting for an hour a solid four days-a-week, but now I am down to two! I have gotten back in the gym for plenty of cardio, however. I am a “note card person” (excessive note card person). I study on the treadmill at a brisk walking pace whenever my butt falls asleep or neck hurts from sitting staring at a book too much. Maybe you can try that.

I think everybody ends up with a vice though – a few extra pounds, nervous ticks, talking to yourself, caffeinated highs and lows. I am a caffeine person. The headaches suck.

Good luck ABB. Beach Bum is right, though – small stuff, eye on the prize.

OMDG said...

ABB -- White coat outside of hospital = poser.

Scrubs outside of hospital = poor person who likes to be comfortable.

Albinoblackbear said...

BB--Ha! No, it is self-deprecating humor. If people don't laugh then it's just 'self-deprecating' which isn't anywhere near as fun.

RH--Yeah I've been thinking of combining the study/workout thing (though have been trying to avoid that since workouts are supposed to be one of my breaks!)

Right now I am doing about 30-40mins of pretty intense lifting supersets 3-4 times per week and running or walking for at least 40-1hr 3x per week.

Problem is, I love food and I am used to working full time in an ER and running my ass off for 12h a day instead of sitting on my ass 12h a day--so the extra calories of snacking+beer-shiftwork=poundage!

I am not having a meltdown over it, it's just one of those annoying ironies of medicine--in the process of learning how to make people better we make ourselves worse.

I think for the next 6 weeks I am going to try your suggestion (just until finals are done). Along with the snacking/occasional beer with dinner removal. :)

OMDG--Yes I suppose in my case
scrubs outside hospital = medstudent who can't fit into anything else and is following fellow bloggers' advice. ;)

Maha said...

I totally sympathize with you! I love food and all my friends and family bond through eating - it's a social thing! Running my ass of at work is only having limited effects because every hour someone is bringing in cookies and cake (yes, we have a lot of bakers) and wants everyone to try a piece. And like you, now only my sweat pants and gym tops fit comfortably!

Albinoblackbear said...

Hahah, damn bakers.

I used to bring in fruit. People just reach-out-and-stuff-in-mouth I find so no matter what was there it'd disappear! :P

I worked at a bakery one summer so that freed me of ever wanting to eat baked goods ever again.

However...bring on the 5 course meals with friends and family!!!

Anonymous said...

I occasionally wear scrubs in the evenings because they're so comfortable. Can't beat that feeling of cotton softened by hundreds of washings.

I would never wear them anywhere in public though, unless it's in the hospital. I'm already annoyed by the mass of crocs sold and worn by everyone (hate those).

Anonymous said...

Btw. as sad as the athlete wear paradox it is, thank you for sharing this entertaining condition, it made me smile (because it's oh so true). I think most people have been there at least once in their lives.

Albinoblackbear said...

It's true, the OR scrubs from my old hospital are the softest things and only a few fibers away from falling apart completely.

I've given strict instructions to my friends and colleagues to beat me senseless with a defib paddle if I ever show up to work wearing crocs.