Monday, May 31, 2010

Brown Drinks

The Brown drinks are keeping me going.

In the morning, it is the hot creamy variety.

The afternoon, the fizzy cold variety.

And then the evening, the Red Drink completes it.

This is my homage to brown and red drinks.

Exactly 2 weeks until d-day. 


rhonda said...

The brown drinks are keeping me going too, only I don't have an end in sight!

Grumpy, M.D. said...

I lived on hot tea throughout college, med school, and residency. Occasionally coffee.

The Diet Coke is a recent addition. Specifically tied to my wife's addiction.

I love hot tea. More than Diet Coke. I have a tea chest in my office, and usually have 10-15 varieties lying around.

Good luck, ABB. Your return to BC will be a good one after this is over.

Big Ben said...

two girls one cup. now theres a brown drink for you. probably need a few red drinks to get in the mood.

Anonymous said...

Me too ABB. I recently added an occasional season appropriate afternoon Starbucks Mocha Light Frappuccino to the Brown Drink repertoire. Delish...

Josiah O. Morris said...

I'm a-cheerin' for you, ABB. Keep going strong!

O, venerable Dr. Grumpy, I, too, have an enormous and healthy addiction to tea. Black, red, green, white, looseleaf, bagged...I'll take it all. The Republic of Tea makes my favourites... Spring Cherry green tea is great, but their English Breakfast is the best.

I hadn't been much for coffee since age 20 or so (when I switched to tea!), but picked it up last fall during my nightmare semester. Generally have two cups a day now to get myself in gear in the early morning hours.

E. Greene said...

When I read this..I immediately thought of the other brown liquid. I guess as long as you're not using a flexi-seal as a straw*, you're okay!

*Sorry, I know this is wrong, but I cannot control myself.

OMDG said...

ABB -- Now really, do you have to title your post "Brown drinks?" I immediately thought of toilet water slurry.

Albinoblackbear said...

Hahahhah, ok PEOPLE get your minds out of the gutter/dirty utility room/commode.

FR--Start MD school! Then there will be. :)

Grump and JOM--I am actually a complete herbal tea *snob*. I order Yogi teas from the UK every couple of months by the crate. In fact I had probably only consumed 5 soda pops in the last 10 years before starting medical school. I was also off coffee completely for 6 years. Had managed even to kick it again for a few months around Christmas but has a hold on me again.

If you ever see a sampling of Yogi I highly recommend the Throat Formula, Green Tea Licorice (even if you think you hate licorice, you DONT, trust me) and the Sweet Chai. Oh Nelly are they deeeeeelicious.

You will note the thermos pictured in study hovel shot. It is full of Yogi's Green Energy. If I have tea I can get through anything.

Ninja--I would get a summer delight like that except it costs the same in Euro. I just can't bring myself to buy a 7 dollar coffee here!!

Greene--You have now ruined flexi-straws for me! hahahah

OMDG--You are in Academic land now! You shouldn't still be reverting to worst case scenario when you hear the word 'brown'!!!