Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Un Fait Accompli

Finals are done and I am enjoying my book, the streets of Dublin, and present company.

At night, the city is this beautiful crush of lights hanging above in different designs and colors. The crowds of people move one step behind their breath streaming out in front of them, big bags and winter coats. Christmas carols spill out into the cobblestone street.

Life is impossible to predict. I would have never guessed--last Christmas during my 16h shift in the ED--that I would be here in Dublin a year later.

Had my breath taken away today at the old library in Trinity College.

And of course I am nursing the beginnings of a post-finals upper respiratory infection. Hoping the megadosing of vitamin C isn't rendered ineffective by all the mulled wine.


Fordo said...

Don't you get to go home for the holidays?

EMT GFP said...

Congrats on finishing finals! Hope you take some good time to relax and have a happy holiday!

Albinoblackbear said...

Fordo--No, not this year. Partly because I didn't think that we were going to have this much time off (almost a month). Also, the expense made me cringe.

For some reason I didn't think I'd be homesick after only being gone 4 months. Funny thing is, I realise how much I would have loved to have gone home for the break. That being said, staying meant getting to spend time with my Manfriend and his parents, which has been great.

EMT-Thanks! Yes, very happy to be done. Relaxing has already occurred in the form of about 500 pages of my book, retail therapy, and city exploration.

Hope your holidays are grand as well!