Monday, December 7, 2009

For Whom the Bell Tolls

My life (and therefore my blog) is going to be at another all-time low of excitement and variation for the next week.

Classes are done and I am studying for finals which start next Monday. We have our new-age multiple choice extended matching question exam in the morning then our goodluck bluffing your way through this long answer exam in the evening. Wednesday is the death by firing squad anatomy spotter.

Until then I will be developing decubitous ulcers on my derrière from sitting all day long and attempting to focus my mind long enough to memorize, nay, understand all this information that has been tossed my way over the past few months.

Stay tuned for hypointeresting posts while I use my blog as a procrastination tool.

Or maybe I'll jazz things up with a montage of things I'd rather be doing...only time will tell.


Fordo said...

Chuckle. Your blog reminds me of why I maybe don't really want my doctorate all that much . . .

It is so nice to spend a weekend any old way you want, instead of studying, studying, studying.

Good luck with finals.

OMDG said...

Aw, you're going to do great. And in roughly a week or so you will have completed semester #1.

Incidentally, I ALWAYS found tons of things to blog about when I was studying. I will be impressed (but slightly disappointed) if you are able to resist the temptation of procrastination. :-)

Nature Nerd said...

Faff! Faff! Faff! I want to faff by reading about your faffing.

Albinoblackbear said...

Fordo--Yes, be grateful for the blissful Saturday mornings where your first thought is "what am I going to do today?" instead of "which chapter of my embryology text should I start with today?"


OMDG--Heh, let's hope so! True--the days really whizz by when every spare moment of time is spoken for. I will try not to disappoint!

NN--Another installation into the Faff Files has just gone to the presses. :)