Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh Ireland

I am feeling homesick tonight. So to attempt to cheer myself up I am making a post using the photos I took a couple of weeks ago. These are from the Cliffs of Moher. I love this one below because of the face that appears etched in the rock.

I'll go back hopefully some day when it is gray and misty...the cliffs are almost too pretty in the sunlight.

This fence was near a Good Samaritan sign, at first I thought it was a bit of a random place for a counseling poster...then...ohhhh....riggggghhhht.

How I feel sometimes about going back to school...

These are from an old Franciscan Monestary. I absolutely loved spending time could really sense the history of all the souls that had passed though those walls, their graves underfoot.

The courtyard that backed onto the large stone kitchen where they baked bread.

And finally a photo from a cave tour we did. I quite liked the waterfall inside.

It's a long weekend here now and I've opted to stick around in the hopes of catching up on some sleep, some reading, and normal living (i.e. a trip to the Farmers Market tomorrow). Hopefully this is just an extension of the 5 week bump that apparently everyone goes through.


Nature Nerd said...

E, do you have a landline? Email me your number - I'll call you.

Keet said...

Skype it up.