Saturday, April 11, 2009

Interview Post-Mortem

Just taking a few minutes to enjoy a hot beverage from my favorite world-dominating coffee distributor while I wait for my connecting flight...reflecting on the interview and the last couple of days.

I think, overall that the interview(s) went well. The group interview was, as suspected, somewhat frustrating and harrowing. We arrived first thing in the morning and were divided into groups of eight, assigned an evaluator (mine was the Dean of Medicine from the school) and sent off with a scenario. We were told to spend some time reviewing it and 'solving' the problem on our own and then we were to discuss our solution with the group and come up with a single, unified, answer.

I am not going to give away the problem on the blog as I don't really think the Uni would appreciate it, and I would hate to give someone else an unfair advantage (because I am sure that my readership includes at least dozens of pre-meds that will be interviewing for this school-ha!).

When the discussion began it was as I predicted a bit of a gong show--people interrupting others, cutting applicants off mid-sentence, talking loudly over others...there was no bloodshed but a few claws definitely were bared. I sat back and listened for a while, watching the fur fly. Then realised that if I didn't start doing the same the group part would be over and I would have appeared like a shy wall flower to the Dean. Not good. So I jumped in. It was pretty stressful. Tough to be under the gun, trying to make yourself look good without strutting, while under a major time limitation (about 20 mins).

Finally it was over. I had 3 hours until my classic interview. Scampered back up to my hotel room, had lunch, then went and rode the bike in the gym downstairs for half an hour to settle my nerves. Re-ironed my suit. I think that was the best thing I could have done--the biking I mean, not the ironing.

I was interviewed by the Dean and a gastroenterology prof from one of our Canadian schools. It was only about 25 mins long and the conversation was actually pretty fun! I had done TONS of completely unnecessary prep--I could tell you all kinds of facts about everything from the rugby team to the major industries in the long the school's been around, how the curriculum is organized, how many hours a day we are in class...Both of my interviewers were very congenial and pleasant. We chatted about my work in the North, my criticisms of problem based learning, my music background, and why I was choosing to make the leap from nursing to medicine. I felt I represented myself well and if I am not offered admission I can be comfortable with the belief that it wasn't because I choked during the interview.

So now I wait and try to decide what to do if offered a seat in Ireland.

I hit 'refresh' on my email inbox every 7 minutes or so (the offer comes out this week).

And wait.

And in the meantime give away most of my earthly possessions. Anyone want a full set of Paderno pots?

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