Monday, May 7, 2012

Welcome To the Jungle - 2012

Things are starting to pick up momentum here on the wild west coast of Ireland. Exams are exactly two short weeks away (eep, why I am I still typing this blog post instead of memorizing differentials for fatigue??)

A brief look at life for the next few months:

-pack up house
-move things / car into storage
-fly home

-start pediatric emergency elective in Alberta (4 weeks)

-have a week 'off' (see below for what will actually be happening during 'off' days)
-start gastroenterology elective in Nova Scotia
-start CaRMS application process (Canadian post-graduate application)
-have 10 days holiday to study for MCCEE (Canadian board exam)
-fly back to Ireland, find place to live / move in / start psyche rotation

-study for boards while doing psyche rotation while working on CaRMS

**Canadian Board Exam**

-CaRMS and obs/gyne rotation

-Submit CaRMS
-collapse from exhaustion

-hit 'refresh' on email inbox until residency programs start emailing
-possibly decide that I'll stay across the Atlantic for post-graduate training

Just typing all of that gave me a facial tic. I may have to start playing this song everyday when I get out of bed.



PGYx said...

What a whirlwind! Now that you've clearly mapped out your timeline in writing, I suggest forgetting about most of it and taking each step as needed! It's waaay too much to consider at once.

People often sing the praises of 4th year of medical school, but I found it (July through December, anyway) to be the most stressful part. So many required duties and activities competed for my time.

I hope you find a little time to meditate, sleep, and enjoy life's many small joys during what promises to be a very busy time.

Nature Nerd said...

You're making parenting a 9 month old while sleep deprived seem positively relaxing. And what's this about pediatrics in Alberta? Quick trip to our neck of the woods? Reunion in Canmore? Please say yes.

Ryan said...

That's not a bad schedule. FOR EIGHT PEOPLE.

Hope to see one of you eight this summer eh!

nursemd said...

I kept a (now stained and raggedy) sheet of paper with all my rotations, major tests, etc with me at all times last year. Mostly so I knew where I was supposed to be at any given time, but also to painstakingly, happily cross each week off as it was accomplished.

Looking back, it went SO fast. You will get through it ABB, and I'm betting it will fly by for you too. Good luck!!! Can't wait to hear about it :).

Elizabeth Shouldice said...

You don't need to study for the MCCEE. Promise. Will discuss later.