Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Riders

So today Pádraig (the surgical SHO) and I decided to do a reckie of the road biking portion of a race he's competing in next week. We started at the Gap of Dunloe (a.k.a Kate Kearney's Cottage) and ended at the Torc Mountain waterfalls. A fabulous ride in part due to the spectacular scenery the entire way, and a delicious visit to my favorite purveyor of fine Irish food: The Avoca Café.

I also learned a couple of things today. For instance, my tiny little sewing-machine of a car can fit two road bikes in the back and two people who love blood and guts in the front. GO TOYOTA YARIS!

Another lesson learned was that not only are directions from Irish people usually nonsensical and obscure, the road signs are equally unhelpful. Unless, of course, you are looking specifically for tea and scones or a farmhouse with ensuites. Have you reached a fork in the road on random back country lane? Are you searching for a particular town or road number? Sorry. Can't help you there. Tea and scones? Take a left.

I've been to the Moll's Gap Avoca a couple of times but have always approached it from a different direction. So after a particularly sustained uphill we decided to pull off and have snacks, figuring the Avoca was at least another 20kms or so away. After some Clif bars and trail mix we started up again on the bikes, only to come across the "AVOCA, 500 METERS" sign within about 3 mins of departing.

I did hear Pádraig scream "NOOOOooooooooooooo!" through the fog.

I think he made up for the disappointment in having already eaten lunch by putting himself into a pre-diabetic-coma with the most delicious banoffee dessert evah.

And it was all downhill from there, friends. An outstanding day, topped by my new routine of sauna / ice-cold shower / sauna / ice-cold shower at the gym.

Ain't life grand?

New purple Icebreaker, for the win.


Anonymous said...

Icebreaker gear is unbeatable. Nice views from those roads. Makes me want to get out on my bike - the Rockies haven't gotten any snow yet, so it'd be pretty rad.

Frazzled-Razzle-RN said...

Beautiful landscape!

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Jealous. There is no good riding space for my Trek 1.5 here (the only decent riding is all trail riding, which would annihilate my bike).

Nature Nerd said...

Mmmmm banoffee pie.
I have learned to not even look (let alone browse) in the direction of icebreaker clothing unless I have a spare $100 kicking about. Dangerous stuff that.

spectrummom said...

Sooo jealous. I'm a PCP here in rural PA with 3 kids (2 with autism.) Fit in all the enjoyment you can BK and BP (before kids and before practice) cause you just never know what life will throw you.

Eileen said...

You must have heard the Irish joke:
Traveller: "Can you tell me the way to x?"
Local Irish yokel: "Well, to be sure, and if it were me i wouldn't br starting from here..."