Thursday, October 20, 2011

Alright. Medicine, I misjudged you.

I am sure this will induce some smugness out there to you medicine-y people, so I will say it just this once: you were right.

Internal medicine isn't terrible. I have seen some really interesting cases and signs...water-hammer pulse, palpable heaves...murmurs, palsies, and masses oh my! DiGeorge syndrome, death, dementia, failure to cope, hyponatremia, acoustic neuroma. And that was just one patient!  (I'm kidding. Sort of.)

The other good thing about this rotation is it has definitely removed any lingering doubts that I want to go into surgery or acute care. Internal medicine is just not my cup of tea, which is a good thing know when you are someone like me who finds something of interest in everything I am exposed to.

In other news, training for my race is going...well, it is going. When I see what I am supposed to be able to do at this point (as per the schedule they gave us with registration) I get a little nervous. It is only three weeks away and I haven't been doing multi-sport training yet, mostly because I just don't have time to do a 3h cycle followed by a 1h run in one day. I've just been trying to get out at least 5x per week with one sport at a time. This is not really good enough but it is all I can do right now.

I have already given a heads up to my medical team that I may end up becoming one of our patient's on Nov 12th. I know the registrar will take good care of me, she's very smart.

And now I must return to my daily meditation on the kidney, the neuro exam, and all things cardiac.


OMDG said...

5d per week and one sport per day is totally good enough. I never did more than one sport in a day when I was training for my half ironman, and I often did only 5 workouts a week. What's important is that you do the long workouts.

Glad medicine isn't TOTALLY the bane of your existence anymore.


PGYx said...

I loathed my 3rd year medicine rotation in med school. Liked learning the concepts from PBL clinical cases during years 1 and 2, but could not stand the actual practice of medicine.

Then I did an IM prelim year before moving on to residency, and somehow grew to love medicine. When I crossed the graduation stage the Chief of Medicine greeted me incredulously with, "I thought you were here all 3 did a good job!"

Might have been willing to stay in IM if I didn't value sleep so much. Even if you don't want to do IM, knowing your medicine is very useful in a sizable subset of EM patients.

Anonymous said...

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