Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weak Week

Tomorrow is the last day of my surgery rotation (boo).

My house alarm has been going off for 2 days, unrelentingly. The alarm company wont shut it off because we are not the 'homeowners'. My landlord is away on holiday and unreachable. I spent last night trying to sleep with earplugs in, a pillow on my head, fan blowing in my face, "Tibetan Rain Song" blasting out of my ipad, and my dormer window wide open. All in the hopes that the combined white noise would drown out the loud BBBEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPP! that goes off every 3 seconds.

It didn't.

I am considering a B & B for the weekend if we can't disable the alarm by tomorrow. It is like Chinese House Alarm Torture. Believe me, we've tried everything. Including punching the key pad (which strangely didn't work).

Did I mention that I am also in a bad mood because tomorrow is my last day of surgery? Oh right. I did.




The only nice thing is the scent of apple, strawberry, blueberry crumble wafting up the stairs. I am bringing a vat of it tomorrow as a thank you to the theater staff (who have, for the most part, been amazing).

Now I must get to my thank you note writing. And it's 2335h. And I am getting up at 6. Gah. (I use the term 'getting up' instead of 'waking up' because if tonight is anything like last night, I was woken every 40 mins or so BY THE BLEEP OF PROFOUND ANNOYANCE and was wide awake when my alarm went off.

Ok, that is enough whining for one post.


Coop de Ville said...

ABB do you have a screw driver handy? you could take the key pad off and disconnect the wires. Or, you could cut the main power when it's time to sleep?... Maybe?

Anonymous said...

Sheesh. That's awful. I agree with CdV...try and find the breaker for the alarm and kill it (or kill power to the whole house if you don't need the heat/AC).

Boo that it's your last day of surgery. It sounds like you were having a great go of it.

Red Stethoscope said...

Oh my goodness, what a nightmare! It never would have occurred to me to cut the power, but that's why there are smart people on the internet! I agree with the others! Shut that power off!

Fordo said...

Wow. That would be awful.

I wonder if you could try turning off your main power at the fuse/power box. Wait a few minutes and turn it back on. Maybe the alarm system will reboot itself?