Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Well That Was Surreal...

I need to start by saying a giant THANK YOU to everyone who tweeted, called, emailed, and commented "good luck!" wishes to me for the exam on Monday. I actually walked through the doors of the testing centre with a ridiculous grin on my face because of all the support that had been coming my way. 

On Friday I will give the whole shakedown of the day's events. But in the meantime I will give you a small sneak peak. Exam day involved (in no particular order):

-A thunderstorm of biblical proportions
-A Buddhist nun
-A random mid-test delivery
-A lesson on How to Write Big D's and Little d's.
-A few minutes of self-loathing
-A trip to a liquor store
-A Gypsy reunion
-A martini and a couple gin and tonics
-An encounter with some correctional officers
-A mani/pedi
-A very large bowl of seafood

The bottom line is that one of the bonuses of having a blog is when it feels like I'm in an episode of the twilight zone, I simply smile and think, "blog fodder".

It is over. I hate to guess how I did but I hope I did well...ok passed. I hope I passed because if I have to spend any more time thinking about bacterial pili I may go buy that banjo.

Until Friday.


OMDG said...

How long until you're back in the hospital now? I hope you get some time to decompress. You deserve it!

Grumpy, M.D. said...

It's behind you, so don't worry about it. Good job.

Anonymous said...

You're done, you're done, you're done! Congrats!

What does the rest of the summer hold?

PGYx said...

Congratulations! I'm curious about that mid-test delivery (of!). I hope you're enjoying a wonderful pre-clinical break!

Anonymous said...


Absentbabinski said...

Very excited to hear the debrief on this one, I'm sure you aced it!

Albinoblackbear said...

OMDG--I am starting in the hospital a week from Tuesday. Half excited half sad to be leaving Canada (and Tobie!)

Grump--Yep, I've hardly thought about it since I walked into the nail parlor! :)

IANH--Well, I am in QC for another day, then little 2 day US road trip with some Lady-friends from my Himalayan trip, and flying back to Ireland on Thursday. And thus concludes my summer 'break'. :(

PGYx--I am currently in a hotel robe in Montebello QC and loving my little mini-getaway with Tobie. You are a STAR by the way for all your advice / support. Real email coming your way soon. Sorry--just earplugs, no baby! Hahah

MSO--My thoughts exactly.

AB--If only *I* was so sure. ;)