Friday, June 17, 2011

Still Alive, With Questions

I am still alive, have not thrown myself into the Majestic River Shannon or anything. Just been packing, sorting, moving, driving, packing, driving, flying, unpacking, sleeping.

And I have some burning questions that need to be answered:

1) Why is there always ONE guy in every airport departure lounge with a bluetooth talking 'business' in the loudest voice possible? Why is someone named 'Roger' always 'cc'd on the email' and 'crunching numbers'?

2) Why is it that whenever I wear a white shirt I suddenly lose motor control of my lower lip when eating?

3) Why is it impossible to fall asleep after being awake 24h?

4) Why is it, despite my best intentions to be more organized, every time I move there is always a few boxes at the end which contain a smattering of cleaning products, textbooks, underwear, spatulas, highlighters, hair products, face cloths, and organic quinoa?

5) Why are yoga instructors always ridiculously gorgeous and in perfect shape?

6) How am I going to survive two years living in Ireland without Tobie?

7) Why do airplane movies always make me cry?

8) Why did I think doing a triathlon this summer was a good idea?

I am actually working on a for realz post right now about the HELL week that was exams. But for now, I leave you with the questions I have been pondering for the last couple of days.


OMDG said...

2 YEARS without Tobie??? That sucks. Surely things will be a little easier during 4th year, right?

I hear you on the other points (except sleeping.... I can always sleep). Hang in there ABB. You're almost back to the hospital. It's time to celebrate!

PGYx said...

I'm happy to hear you made it through your move! I'm sorry the road is hard right now. Most of it will fall into place, but 2 years without Tobie is heartbreaking even from this side of the Atlantic.

I laughed b/c I am packing now and can already see that I'm going to end up with boxes that are exactly like the ones you describe. EXACTLY! Separated at birth, once again. Now what I don't understand is how you found time to pack and create your Step 1 study wall!

As for yoga instructors, maybe it has something to do with this (the link words say it all):

#8: Because you epitomize interminable, shining optimism! :-) You inspire me to set some (much more limited) fitness goals. My muscles are like very tiny ghosts. My intercostal muscles were actually sore the day after I did chest compressions last weekend! On a dummy. A pediatric dummy.

Albinoblackbear said...

OMDG--Yes, you're right. I am so so so so so looking forward to the next chapter of medical school. Just sad that it will be without Tobie by my side. We'll make it work though, somehow. He's moving back to Quebec in July. BUMMER!

PGYx--It is going to be tough but I do know many people who have survived long separations (my own siblings are two examples, both married to amazing spouses for 18 years).

Hahaha, oh that was my med school study wall (it has all come down and will have to be re-created in Canada now). I haven't been studying (in earnest) for step 1 yet, that begins on Monday. Officially. :) I took this week off after exams because my brain was mush and my attention span gnat-like.

I had a good chuckle at your "tiny ghost" description. Aw, don't be too hard on your intercostals, they usually don't get that kind of work out! ;)

I am definitely going to try to take advantage of the fact that I am living with my uber-fit sister this summer--really hoping to get back into a regular hot yoga practice while I can. My intention is to try and challenge my body as much as my brain this summer before heading into the surgical rotation fray. Here's to hoping. Balance.

Smile, breathe, and go slowly. Right?

PGYx said...

I didn't want to minimize the pain of your geographic separation from Tobie, but I've gotta say the years are really going to fly -- & let's not forget the miracles of Skype and airplanes! Two of my co-residents were college sweethearts before they spent FOUR years apart during med school. They married just after med school and today are a thriving, happy couple who really appreciate their newfound proximity.

Yay for yoga and balance! Expect an e-mail in a bit...after Step 3 on Monday. Part of me wants to study as long as possible to do well and another part of me wants to take the test yesterday. Smile, breath, and go slowly. :-)