Monday, May 30, 2011

Soon, Grasshopper...Soon.

Two of four core homegirls.
What gets me through the dark study hours is knowing that I will once again be on the other side of a beer with those ladies in a few short weeks.

Le sigh.


Liana said...

Just curious... can you get Grasshopper ale in the UK?

Albinoblackbear said...

Good question...well I've only spent about 40h total in the UK and in that time did not attempt to order a Grasshopper.

In ROI I've always had Guinness or Bulmers...or other random pints of unknown origin that people have bought me! =)

Liana said...

*facepalm* Yes I knew that ROI is not part of the UK. I just thought "beer...Grasshopper..." and must have short circuited my brain.

Albinoblackbear said...

Hahah, just giving you a hard time! :)

Actually it was pretty funny when I was harassing my local MP about the fact that there were no bursaries/funds/grants for Canadians studying in Ireland I was told, "oh you can apply for commonwealth scholarships" isn't in the commonwealth!

She then proceeded to tell me about all the other scholarships for students in the UK. Again. Republic of Ireland not a part of United Kingdom!! Hahahha.

Though yeah, it is something I hadn't really ever pondered until finding out that I was going to be living here! I was just teasing you because I know you were in London this year... :P