Friday, December 31, 2010

An Irish Toast (or two)

To ring in 2011 I thought I'd supply the blog world with something to say at midnight (other than happy new year--which is soooo 2010).

"That your patch of trouble may not cover the hole in a leprechauns breeches."

Or after a few drinks you could tackle this one:

"God spare you the years to smoke your dudeen, drink your cruiskeen, flourish your alpeen to wallop a spalpeen". 

Ok, I can't help myself...Happy New Year everyone!  

Was there ever a bad year for Guinness??


Cartoon Characters said...

Thank goodness for the Guiness family, or we may not have had the Lion's Gate bridge in Vancouver built.... ;)

Robert said...


When I first started drinking alcohol (years ago now) I used to drink Guiness because I thought it made me look like I had refined tastes, drinking an import and all.

Then I shied away from it as my palate developed, because everyone who wants to look refined by drinking an import chooses Guiness.

These days I'm drinking it again, because I like the way it tastes. Full circle, but for the right reasons now methinks.

(Although, is there ever a wrong reason to drink beer?)


Albinoblackbear said...


NXY--I hated Guinness for years but then got a taste for stout thanks to Killer Bee Beer (from the Tin Whistle Brewing Co.). It's actually a honey ale but a really dark, stouty brew. Yum.

Must say my absolute favorite beer is Back Hand of God from Crannóg Ales in Sorrento, B.C (that is, British Columbia not Before Christ--had to do it!! hahah) But can't really get it over here. Guinness is a tasty stand-in though.

Besides, it's fortified with vitamins! Borderline healthy I say.