Friday, December 10, 2010


Today I got a little care package from my sister in law (who is this beautiful, athletic, hilarious, thoughtful, supermom/superwife). She sends me these parcels from time to time, and they are always such a treat.

Everyone hates licorice so there is always plenty left for me. 
With the tea she also included a little card from my niece and nephews, which was both delightful and depressing. 

My favorite line is from Aidan, my 10 year old nephew: "hope you have a good Christmas, where ever you are". Totally got a lump in my throat as I read it. I really miss my family, and getting to see the little ones growing up. Everyone is going to be in Australia for Christmas but I am staying here to do a project for school (shadowing ALS paramedics) so that I won't have to do it in June (when I'll need to be studying for the USMLE). 

I know that my travels are abstract in their little worlds, and I've been away for the last eight Christmases (usually working), so this is nothing new to them. It's just that sometimes I hate being the wayward Auntie that is always away. 


E. Greene said...

Licorice tea is the best. Have you ever tried licorice-mint? Yum.

It must be tough to be away from family over the holidays, especially because kids change so fast. If I were a kid, and you were in my family, though, I wouldn't think of you as the wayward auntie who is always gone -- I would think of you as the super-cool auntie who is constantly challenging herself and leading an exciting life.

Albinoblackbear said...

Licorice-mint is in fact my FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE of all the Yogi's. You are the only person I know who's ever agreed with me on it's uber-deliciousness!!! Hard to find in Canada tho, and impossible in Ireland (I have to import it from the UK).

I think to my younger nieces and nephews (there are 7 total) I am cool though they are always a little reserved around me for the first day or so. Then my niece pretty much latches on like a koala bear until I leave. I'll be bummed when they become aloof teenagers!!

Grumpy, M.D. said...

You must be a good aunt for them to think of you that way.

Cartoon Characters said...

Have you tried the dutch salty or "zout" licorice?? It is really great! but I think u have to develop a penchant for it....aquired taste only. It's available in dutch communities and also the land of Oz.

As for working Christmases...I can't count the number of Christmases I have worked in my 34 year career....phoning home and hearing all the fun everyone was having, cousins visiting and dinners...etc. It's a sacrifice.
Hope you at least have your bf there with you?

Dragonfly said...

I love licorice tea! I drank it constantly at work last year.

Keet said...

Hey babe, what are you doing for the holidays? The Italian and I leave for Thailand on Christmas Day, but we'd love to see you in the run up???

E. Greene said...

I haven't tried Yogi's licorice-mint before. I have had this (Choice Organic) It's also tough to find but AMAZING.

Anonymous said...

I love getting care packages too. The *best* feeling when you get home all worn out from school and see that little box waiting for you :).

I'm sorry you don't get to be with your family at Christmas ABB, I saw that little note in the picture of the card before I read what you wrote and it made me sad for you. I know how you feel and I hope you get back soon. They will be waiting for you with open arms until you do.