Thursday, September 2, 2010

We Meet Again

Starting to settle into my life back here in Ireland. In some ways, the summer was such a blur that it feels like I was only a way for a long weekend.

I found a receipt in my wallet last night.
It appears it must have been from right after the OCASE since I normally don't buy two bottles of wine before noon. Nor do I usually buy wines that aren't 2 for 1 Tesco specials.

I am certainly looking forward to the 2011 version of this receipt.

In many ways it is great to be back. I have a *much* better living situation this year. Turns out Tobie is a wonderful roommate, I have a spectacular view, a kitchen all to myself, two of my closest friends literally a stones throw from my balcony, and a bathtub.  Speaking of a kitchen all to myself--I discovered last night that if I put an apple crumble in the oven and then do yoga in the kitchen then I have my own home version of Hot Yoga! Sweeeeeet. So really, what more could a woman want in a domicile? (Ok, other than a sauna, numerous kitchen appliances, some art on the walls, a good stereo system, and some non-plastic furniture.) But I digress. 

I am finding it slightly hard to get into the groove again with PBL and the volume of reading that has already been put before me. This week is a hypertension case and I love cardiac physiology so I am enjoying the process but finding the wheels are turning a little slowly compared to June.

I have decided to think of medical school as two separate programs. Years 1 and 2 is the academic program and years 3 and 4 is the clinical program. If I think about it that way the road seems a little more bearable, in such that I am now more than halfway done the program. Ha! Hey, whatever gets me through 2 years of small group learning and not touching any patients.

I am still processing the summer and all the wild and wonderful experiences I had in the hospital. Hopefully some of that will help to pad the writing so I don't spiral into posts about stress levels, lack of sleep, and eating tuna out of the can. 

It's on year 2, it's on...


Grumpy, M.D. said...

2 Science/2 clinical is how my med school was structured, too. I think most are.

Anonymous said...

It will go so fast ABB. Good luck!!

nameisanne said...

So that means you'll be a (almost) doctor next year! Do you get the summer off again, or do you start clinical in July?
ps. I've been reading your blog for a long time, but I'm screwing my courage to actually comment in public!

Anonymous said...

I discovered your blog earlier this spring and it's been a treat to follow you throughout the summer. I'm starting my second year of medical school in the US and coincidentally we also begin with cardiology. Best of luck getting the wheels turning again and I'm looking forward to hearing how the year goes!

Albinoblackbear said...

Grump--Yes, but they don't sell it as two separate programs (which is how I am now selling it to myself). :)

Ninja--Thanks! And you too! I am always so keen to hear (though slightly jealous) of your clinical life these days.

Anne--Well I will be a 0.5 doctor next year, and worth about 0.3 of my weight in salt as a member of the medical community! hahaha

Glad you came out of the lurking darkness and said hello. :)

Marching--Thank you! Glad you are enjoying it. I am worried though now that I am back in Book-Land, Asystole will also become the rhythm of this blog. Hopefully not! Good luck to you as well.

simmers said...


you've reached that point.

the point where I'll offer you money.

Albinoblackbear said...

Simmers---heheh, ouch I have reached a new low! It is bad when someone on a bike trip across Mongolia is offering you money! :)

I was musing recently on a once amazing wine collection that existed in a basement cellar. I had to just put that thought out of my head as I picked up a 3 Euro bottle of Australian wine.