Monday, September 20, 2010

Pacing Bunny Lost at Terry Fox Run


I was supposed to be the pacing bunny that made sure the folks at the back of the run didn't get lost so every once and a while I'd ridiculous dance moves...jumping jacks...waving and cheering...and wait for the stragglers to be in sight so I could carry on.

Problem was I got lost because I ended up on a strip with no one behind me or ahead of me.

I ended up back on course ahead of most of the group (by accidental shortcut) and witnessed a dirty freckle-faced kid on a horse and chariot chase three of the runners off the sidewalk.

The running sweep Tyler ran into some 1st years that informed him that their "cheerleader had gotten lost" which he found amusing, knowing how much I'd love being called that.

I will have to try and track down a photo...due to time and money constraints all I was able to put together was bright green and white striped thigh-high socks and a fluorescent lime green headband.

It was fun though, all in all and I liked the chance to be a part of an event like that. I wore my friend Jody's necklace and spent some of the time just thinking about my dear ones that have died from cancer in the last couple of years. Thankful to be able to make a fool of myself, run, laugh, dance on the sidewalk, and support a good cause. And of course it was a privilege to carry on the memory of the amazing human legacy that is Terry Fox.

--Update: photo posted on FB this afternoon. Sadly, the socks are not visible and I am really not sure what the hell I was doing. I think I was trying to make "bloods" symbol, a pathetic attempt at double entendre regarding the event being put on/attended by med students.---

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Rogue Medic said...

Even bunnies flash gang signs?

Now, I know that I am getting old.

Of course, I have never been called a cheerleader. Well, there was that one time at band camp . . .