Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Things Are Not Always As They Seem

So this photo appeared in our city's "society" magazine this month. It is of me and my housemates at Medball. I always sneer at mags like "Hello" because I don't want to look at pictures of people I don't know at gala's (whatever that word means) drinking Champagne. Nor do I feel the need to see family photos of celebrities frolicking at the beach in their matching white billowy linen tops and stressed denim blue jeans. Barefoot. Laughing and petting their dogs.

So the joke was on me this month when it was brought to my attention that I was on page whatever with a glass of bubbly looking all dressed up and snazzy with my equally snazzy housemates. Anna bought copies for all of us.

But I nearly had to pay her back in laundry tokens for buying them. Such is my current financial state.

Next time I see one of those spreads I am going to assume the same of everyone in it. That goes for you too Princess Caroline of Monaco.


Grumpy, M.D. said...

But you look FAAAAABULOUS!!!

OMDG said...

So you're a celebrity now. Don't let it go to your head.


You look way hotter than you give yourself credit for, FYI.

Grumpy, M.D. said...

I agree with OMDG!

Albinoblackbear said...
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Albinoblackbear said...

Hey thanks guys! Ye are too kind.

'Tis a rare sighting...the ABB in a dress! Fun though, and hilarity that it was captured in a mag.

It has *totally* gone to my head BTW. I mean can you believe I am going to be a doctor??


Anonymous said...

You look beautiful ABB! :) If I didn't read your blog regularly I would never believe you are living on laundry tokens looking at that picture (I am rapidly approaching destitution myself btw, have decided June = the student equivalent of the Medicare D Donut Hole)...