Friday, June 11, 2010

Expressive Medinitis Aphasia

Yesterday my friend Eileen and I went out for a study lunch together, quizzing each other. When we went to pay the woman at the cash asked her what she'd had to drink--Eileen was gesticulating madly saying " was pink"

The woman just looked at her blandly, "cranberry juice??"

Eileen, "YES!!"

This is what happens. You can describe everything about the production and flow of cerebral spinal fluid but you can't name what drink you had with lunch.

One week tomorrow and this girl is gettin' on a plane!!!

And there will be wine, and Manfriend, and a spa, and sleeping in, and farmers markets, and exercising, and mountains, and family, and goodness.*


*Not in order of importance or indulgence.


NPO said...

A well deserved break for the body and mind?

Albinoblackbear said...


My summer "holidays". I put holidays in quotes because while most of my classmates will be relaxing poolside I'll be working my tuchas off in the ED for the summer.

I am taking 2.5 weeks off though before I get back to work. That will be amazing. And, I have to admit I am actually looking forward to being around sick people again.

I really do enjoy patient care 95% of the time. And the other 5% makes for good stories works out.

Grumpy, M.D. said...

what was the RBC count on the cranberry juice?

VinceD said...

eh who cares about the count, my question is, could you read a newspaper through it?

Anonymous said...

There have been so many times in the past two years when I have been convinced that Med School is, in fact, actually making me stupider. Especially during Critical Study Periods.

Like yesterday when I was telling my brother how I tried to retrieve a bottle of eye drops my (frigging) cat knocked down the bathroom sink with duct tape on the end of chopstick, followed by running water down the drain (because somehow I thought it would make them -magically?- float back up). His reply - "And you're going to be a DOCTOR??" I said at least I'm not going to be a plumber, stuff it.

Good Luck ABB, you will have an amazing summer and The End is in sight!!

Liana said...

Good luck with your exams and have a safe trip.

It's a beautiful sunny day in the Rockies for the first time in 2 or 3 weeks. :)

Albinoblackbear said...



Ninja--I was falling asleep last night, your comment popped into my head and I started laughing at the visuals associated. Thanks for that! YES! The summer is going to be golden (as long as I am not studying for re-writes! ahhhhhh)

Thanks Liana! I just took the Kicking Horse snow report off my widgets. However I still check the road cams on Hwy 99 from time to time! :)

I won't even get to see the Rockies this summer :( however I will get a nice dose of the Coastals!