Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More Words of Wisdom from an Immunology Lecture

Recently I mentioned the excellent sense of humor my immunology prof has, today two of his gems were:

"Next time you write orders for some blood test [involving antibodies] know that a little mouse died for that test."


"If you're packing in a hurry and you only have time to pack one immunoglobulin, pack IgG".

Umm, awesome.

Image taken from here:


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EMT GFP said...

Hi, relatively new to here, but i enjoy your blog very much. Interestingly, I currently work in an immunology lab, so I love your immuno professors quotes :)

Keet said...

That's wicked... Next time i'm packing in a hurry, I'll totally try remember my IgG. Whats with the scrubs deal? Are you gone corporate on me?
P.S. My word verification today is 'Lervit' which of course I do.

Albinoblackbear said...

EMT--Thank you! I am sure you'll run into some parallels to my experience as you travel the road to medical school. Good luck on that journey!

Yeah, my immuno prof is amazing...just one of those guys that is completely passionate about his subject matter and loves to teach...the ultimate combo.