Monday, July 13, 2009


I had a very long, very hot drive from Whistler to last nursing contract. Can you believe that one can drive for over 1400 kms and still be in the same province? Sigh. I love this country.

I kept myself entertained by "My Sister's Keeper" on audiobook, along with an emergency lecture podcast series with topics ranging from 'ASA toxicity' to 'bronchiolitis treatment' to 'syncope in the ED'. Both so good that I found myself actually wanting to get back on the road and into my listening booth on wheels.

Day one of the drive was 10h long as I had to make a small detour to pick up a few things I had left behind at my last shoes, laptop speakers, mandolin, and mini blender.

Welcome to my life and my essentials.

During the first day of the drive I was in what I call 'dad mode' which is the get up super early and stop only when decreased LOC from hypoglycemia or bladder explosion are fighting to be your next presenting complaint in an ED.

Day two of the drive I realised I didn't need to be in a huge rush, I had gotten another early start following my truckstop breakfast and only (only! ha!) had 717 kms to go. So I meandered my way here, stopping for fruit then stopping again to eat the fruit at a picnic table with a view.

I took another detour and found myself alone at yet another picnic table beside a raging river. I rolled out my yoga mat and attempted to stretch my legs and spine back to the length they had had 1200 kms ago. At one point in a wide stance forward bend I opened my eyes as the wind picked up causing pine needles to rain down on me from the looked and sounded like some kind of weighty scented earthy snow. I lay down in the shade with my straw hat covering my face and enjoyed the beauty, the sounds, and the breeze that surrounded me. I was just so thankful to have that moment, the stillness.

I arrived later in the evening and was invited to a BBQ at one of the nurses houses...starving and without groceries I was grateful for the grub and the company.

So I am here, safe and sound. Worked one shift yesterday and had today off, which was great because I was able to finish my book, "Late Nights on Air" by Elizabeth Hay. Ummm...amazing book. It resonated with me since I have spent some time in Yellowknife (where the book is set) a few years ago falling in love with the North and a person in it. Ah least my relationship with the North ended up being a little more long lasting.


Keet said...

You're a trooper EBSCO.
Lovely post.

Albinoblackbear said...

Thanks KK. I love those moments when all you can think about is how happy you are to be alive.

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