Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pack, unpack, rinse: repeat.

Oh duffel bag. How I love and loathe thee.

Last week I moved out of my quaint little mountain abode. Sniff. Was sad to go, for a few reasons. I stared out those living room windows plenty in the past few weeks wondering about these big decisions and major life changes on the horizon. Out those windows were snowy peaks, alpen glow, and swirling flakes. Not far down the road, the most beautiful section of highway running along the ocean and through the southern coastal mountains.

Though I am very excited about my upcoming move to Ireland I am already starting to feel nostalgic about the beautiful landscapes and people that I'm leaving. I've been in BC for 5 years now and have a hard time imagining myself settling anywhere else in the world (well I have a hard time imagining settling anywhere right now....but eventually!)

This week was supposed to me my first week of classes in the Caribbean. I certainly wish I could be jumping into studies this soon in Ireland. These next months of working are going to be difficult as I feel so ready to start school.

Instead, this weekend I am flying to a Northern coastal town to work in an ER/ICU for the next 3 weeks. Hoping that they'll let me play a little with the ICU patients as it is another area that I feel totally clueless in. Be nice to get a handle on a few things before losing my status as 'insider' and becoming 'med student'. After my three weeks are done on the west coast, I am heading NE to Baffin Island for a month, back to one of my favorite Inuit settlements. One of the few places that has soy milk and a working treadmill in town. Small luxuries.

So now I unpack from the move and pack for the next travel assignment. I'll be glad to turf this duffel bag for a while come September!

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Keet said...

Good luck!!!! I can't wait to see you! Enjoy this free time, I have a feeling you won't have much come September.