Monday, May 11, 2009

First Day

So far so good.

First shift of this travel contract. My roommie is a clean, hard-working, athletic, smart, bubbly, travel maternity nurse (who doesn't drink my soymilk or have the t.v blaring at all times). She invited me out for dinner with 3 of the other agency nurses tonight. Had a great night and was impressed that all the girls ordered beer. Agency nurses are so cool.

The ER is tiny and there are a lot of people in town with standing orders for meperidine (WTF?) but the staff seem to have good breadth and depth of experience. One of the docs today let me suture a sweet ankle lac and for the first time I didn't use prolene--I kind of liked the nylon sutures...different memory than the prolene ones. Anyway, I automatically dig docs who let me suture (it usually means they are cool/lazy/willing to teach/not obsessed with territory).

I think I may choose to stick around here longer than 2.5 weeks if they offer to extend. We'll see.

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