Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Dead Yet

Sorry about the recent dry spell in blog-land. I moved last month and was poaching internet off some kind soul--but alas--the free internet gravy train pulled away about 10 days ago and left me to search out Caribbean housing and u-haul rentals via my CrackBerry.

I have been busily getting ready for the move and enjoying working in the mountains again. The lack of snow and icy conditions at the resort made for the busiest Presidents week in many years. No sprains or strains in ER that week...just lots of nasty fractures, crazy puncture wounds, facial/ chest traumas, and some living-anatomy-lesson-lacerations. But more on some of those later.

I was quite flattered and surprised by the number of comments of late on the blogs. It's nice to think that people actually read them! I am hoping that the internet situation will sort itself out soon (apparently I can tether the computer to my phone and work it that way--what WILL they think of next???)

In the meantime...I must sleep now but more posts to follow.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! Now focus like a sniper on the target.

And not to scare you (much), but if you think getting into medical school is hard, try getting out :)

Best wishes, and best of luck. I think you'll do fine.

Keet said...

you rock E-Rock.
Let me know when/where to book my flights to the Carribean!
<3 K.

Albinoblackbear said...

Speaking of snipers I called the Canadian military to see what my options were and they aren't interested in funding for return of service from me. Apparently they only do that if you are attending a Canadian medical school. I guess there are just so many RN/med students banging on their doors they can be choosy. ;)

Thanks for the well wishes FD!

KK-Really? Would you really come visit? Really really really??? Really? YAY! DO IT!!!!!!! Gawd. How many resort towns do I need to live in before you grace me with your presence???