Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I Get Knocked Down

So after a brief foray into the depths of self loathing and despair (and just a couple of tears shed) I wiped the snot with the back of my hand and did what I always do in these moments...I reached for my visa.

Only this time it wasn't delicious wine, books, fine cheeses, or a new pair of running shoes I was aiming to use it for. No.

I coughed up the ~1800$ USD for an online MCAT course. Yuppers. I know that these things have mixed reviews from my friends who took the demon test, but I figured if being a couple more k in debt means acing the MCAT then where do I sign? Thanks Kaplan for your easy to use interface and UPS delivery.

Yesterday was a good day after said purchase actually. I studied for several hours and got a sense of how far I have to go (pretty far) to attain a competitive score. I realize now that since I didn't get into XYZ with my academic record my MCAT score is going to make or break my application to other schools.

It just kind of chafes me that there are people out there right now taking the 10 000$ 6 week courses that run all day as prep. That is really what I'd rather do but short of remortgaging my house that is not going to happen (note the words "gag" and "mort" are both in 'remortgaging').
Forgive a Veruca-Salt-type-foot-stamp while I say "It's not fair! I want the 6 week intensive MCAT course and I WANT IT NOW!"

I guess that is just one of the downsides to living in BFN Interior Mountain Town, no such classes in my neighborhood. Or within 500km for that matter.

Back to my new online master.

Oh and, I just signed on the dotted line to pimp myself out for 2 weeks of night shift work on the coast. Should be good for some interesting blog fodder. A tiny ER. Only one RN on nights with on-call doc sleeping in the cast room. Just how I like it. Usually very busy and then very quiet.


Benjamin said...

$1800!!! Some "level" playing field... Sad, because so many of my friends have finally gotten sick of pre-hospital medicine and have decided to go back to finish pre-req's and apply to medical school. I am new to this whole 'blogging' thing, but I have to admit I am now following your progression closely.

Albinoblackbear said...

Yeah, I know. The rich get richer. And the kids of the richer get into med school.


Welcome to the world of med blogs! There are some real gems out there.

I'm hoping one day mine will ascend the ladder of blog greatness and my plan for world domination will come to fruition...in the meantime it's a little zygote blog about my none too original plight.

I worked with an ERP out west who was a paramedic before going back. He was one of the good ones. At least he knew the layers of care and what each player had to offer in terms of expertise, which was a nice change.

Rogue Medic said...

A mort gag? I wonder how Mortimer Brewster feels about you making a gag out of his name?

If you are going to be all Veruca Salty, you'd better watch out for the educated eggdicators. :-)

When you complete all of this medical school and realize that laughter still is the best medicine, will you retain your sense of humor?

Albinoblackbear said...

I still plan on striking Mary Catherine Gallager poses every time someone converts to NSR when I am at the bedside, no matter what initials I have after my name.