Thursday, July 3, 2008

Back to the Concrete Jungle

After a brief foray at home I am on the road again to Alberta for an MCAT prep course. Nothing like an 8h drive in the heat to make my day. Thank God for books on tape, podcasts, and good music.

Let's see...that puts the total money already sunk into this exam at around, oh, 3500$ (not including gas, travel expenses, and cost to replace clumps of hair torn from head).

I really hope I don't wake up someday soon and decide I am going to pursue becoming a chef instead.

Running lately has been kicking my ass, which has been super frustrating. I miss running in -11 degree weather (my favorite temp). Crisp and dry with my trusty icebreaker on. It is so fine, those cold winter nights. Though I recently discovered road riding!!!! Which I think will be my ticket to sanity while this hot weather lasts.

That is if I can somehow finagle a new bike....hmmmm....may have to pick up a couple more shifts next week...

Anyway, off to the cram course I go!

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